MetaDoge Metaverse — Development Update #2

3 min readNov 24, 2021

Hello Metadoge Army,

Our last update was on November the second. During that time we have progressed, however good things take time.

Metadoge Metaverse Game World where you can explore and sniff around with your METADOGE NFT Avatar!

Since our last update, we have worked on our code optimization for smart contracts, on our NFT smart contracts and metaverse development for enhanced performance, and peak user experience.

Metadoge Metaverse Game v0.2.1 Internal Alpha — Dynamic Clouds System

We have also been working on the development of the Metadoge Metaverse Project.

Metadoge Metaverse Updates:

v0.2 Internal Alpha

- optimized dynamic cloud system
- weather system
- work on 3D models for environment and 3D Metadoge
- basic level design

Metadoge Metaverse Game v0.2.1 Internal Alpha — Small Temple

v0.2.1 Internal Alpha:

- basic animation system
- sound FX work
- dynamic grass system
- water shader created
- first tests of 3D models (static buildings, objects)
- advanced level design
- testnet web3 wallet implementation

Metadoge Metaverse Game v0.2.1 Internal Alpha — Part of the Farmers Area

Token Bridge Development

Metadoge Token Bridge for METADOGE Holders — currently in development

Community has asked us to provide lower transaction fees. We have started development of our own token bridge to different chains.

Blockchains we consider for future implementations:
-Avalanche $AVAX
-Binance Smart Chain $BNB

In the near future we will cover how different blockchains will work with our Metadoge Metaverse Game.

Centralized Exchange Listing

We hear your needs and CEX listings are in our internal roadmap, but we prefer not to share them prematurely. Outside of DEX listings once we proceed with additional blockchains, we are in contact with one Centralized Exchange.

The Alpha & Beta Access Pass NFT Sale

This December, you will be able to buy an NFT Access for Alpha & Beta Pass metaverse with METADOGE Token, an invite-only mode for owners of the NFT Access Pass. Holders of the NFT Access Pass will get a chance to receive an early-bird incentive.

Be A Part Of Metaverse History With The Alpha & Beta Access NFT Sale.
You can be a part of Metaverse history, by being one of the exclusive few to attend the FIRST exclusive invite-only event for our first Metaverse event for VIP NFT access owners only.

You will pay for the NFT with METADOGE token to explore the metaverse before anyone else, before the main metaverse launch, so you can be part of Metaverse history.

Holders of the NFT Access Pass will get a chance to receive a reward, more to be announced before this event, now we need to focus on delivering the blockchain bridge, metaverse development and NFT contracts.

Alpha & Beta NFT Metadoge Event Sale will start this December for METADOGE Holders.

Alpha & Beta NFT Metadoge Event Sale will start this December for METADOGE Holders

Metadoge DAO

Have Your Say In The Future Of Metadoge By Joining The Metadoge DAO

Metadoge DAO will act as a community-ran initiative to decide upon Metaverse launch of important changes that will include Metadoge NFT Protocol Fees, Metadoge Token Bridge and Play 2 Earn elements.

Metadoge DAO is available for METADOGE Holders at Join us today!


Name: Meta Doge
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Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 METADOGE
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