Stable in unstable times…


Our team at MFF will always side with peace, and we pray this conflict is resolved swiftly in the safest manner possible for all individuals involved. Above all else, the recent events in Europe and the lives of those affected take precedence. We wish strength and safety to all during this time.

Tank Wars Zone

Treasure Dao

Decentralized Nintendo?

Treasure is a decentralized metaverse on Arbitrum that utilizes its native token, $MAGIC, to create an intertwined ecosystem of NFT projects. Treasure recently launched Bridgeworld, its flagship play-to-earn game, where users can utilize ‘Legion’ NFTs to quest, craft, and summon to earn NFT rewards.

Bullish Narrative

Crucial to any game is the growth of its user base, along with the strength of that community. Treasure Dao checks off these boxes and then some, creating a bubbling community that is highly passionate about building the Dao.

Our Strategy and Vision for the Future…

We have taken a position in $MAGIC and earned yield on a few of the ecosystem’s NFTs that we see providing even further utility down the road. We are constantly monitoring Treasure Dao, and one development we have a particularly close eye on is the launch of its Trove Marketplace.

Avalanche Launch

Regarding our upcoming Avalanche bridge, we have decided to delay its implementation for the time being. The bridge is ready for deployment at any time, but its launch would require $100k to fund the liquidity pool, and the only viable way to accomplish this is by using funds from the treasury.

Podcast Genesis

An exciting development has been releasing our first Meta Farmer Finance podcast episode! You can catch the episode here on Spotify where our very own Murdoc and Coin Catcher interview the founders of Fief, a pioneer economic guild of the metaverse.

Final Word

To close, we would like to underscore just how committed the team at MFF is to providing our community with unparalleled access and exposure to the GameFi space. Market conditions have no bearing on the time or effort our team puts into creating the best possible product for you, the investors. Regardless of the circumstances, you can be assured that our team will be working around the clock to establish ourselves as the one-stop-shop for all things GameFi in the crypto landscape.



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