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Metarrior is proud to be the first Web3 game in the world at the moment, enabling it to possess many distinct features of a truly Web3 game. Adopting the simple yet addicting gameplay of popular Match-3 traditional games such as Candy Crush Saga, Monster Busters, etc., Metarrior has managed to include the extraordinary in-game features of its traditional version as well as combined the Web3 gaming elements to itself, creating a fantastic experience for gamers.

  • Interoperable NFTs

MetaFe revolves around the mechanism where NFTs will be saved and executed completely on chain, that’s why MetaFe will focus on publishing its NFTs as its top priority. The NFTs of Metarrior are various, including Warriors, Lands, Equipments, Pets, etc. Metarrior will be MetaFe’s first bootstrap product to be integrated with NFT 2.0 technology, which enables metadata of in-game NFTs to be stored completely on chain.

With NFT 2.0 being embedded into Metarrior, there will soon be more games using the same NFTs in MetaFe ecosystem. One of the most notable differences between Metarrior and other games on the market is the fact that Metarrior NFTs will never be deleted even if the servers are collapsed, thanks to the NFT 2.0 technology that enables metadata of in-game NFTs to be saved on the chain. This has been considered as a safety switch for both gamers and investors to prevent their NFTs from losing their value if the game servers had ever collapsed.

  • Metarrior gameplay

Developed from a traditional mobile game, it is no wonder that Metarrior has what it takes to be one of the most fantastic matching-puzzle games on the market, not to mention other mechanisms embedded in its gameplay that surely have added flavor to the overall gaming experience.
Game modes

  • Mission mode is, in fact, the easiest game mode in Metarrior. Players are able to experience Metarrior as a traditional Match-3 game such as Candy Crush Saga. Players with the highest points compared to other players in Mission Mode will be able to get the rewards.
  • Campaign is the first thing that should be mentioned, in order to fully embrace the story of Metarrior, this feature is a fundamental element contributing greatly to your overall gaming experience. Along with Campaign, there are Quests for you to add more flavors to your gameplay.
  • Expeditions are now open for you to join, where you can put your warriors to the test of strength. There might be powerful bosses waiting for you and your warriors, and emerge yourself in the competition on the Leaderboard against other players to earn lots of generous rewards!


  • Breed: Upon joining the world of Metarrior Mobile, players are able to access the new fantastic in-game mechanism where they are able to create new NFT warriors by breeding 2 separate warriors. Players should keep in mind that whenever they want to breed their warriors, a specific amount of $SOG and $MEWA tokens are required.
  • Ascension & Level-up: Ascension is one of the most interesting in-game features where players are able to upgrade their warriors to a high tier in order to achieve a greater power against devious foes on the battlefields. While the Level-up system enables players to upgrade their warriors to reach the maximum in-game levels, which is needed to strengthen the warriors.
  • Marketplace: Gamers are able to purchase warriors and Boxes and even sell their current warriors for extra income. Moreover, Marketplace also enables players to claim their warriors after breeding or ascending.
  • Prominent milestones

Metarrior has now released its Alpha Test version on various platforms such as Website, Windows and Android for its gamers to experience, along with extraordinary in-game mechanisms such as Breed, Ascension, etc. Ever since the release of Metarrior Alpha Test, Metarrior has successfully partnered up with numerous trusted allies, including investment funds such as Vitex Capital, LuaVentures, VBC Ventures, etc. and crypto game communities and guilds from across the globe like Raijinshu Guild, Airdropnesia, MetaFi Game Guild, to name but a few.

If you are interested in learning more about Metarrior, feel free to join our community and follow our official channels.

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