Great news people! Disney is working on another Sister Act! I’ve seen people posting about this recently and the reception hasn’t been that welcoming. Check out these tweets:

Now it makes sense. I can understand the frustration. Why not be original and think of new ideas rather than meddling with a classic? Sequels or Threequels tend to fall short or tank completely. Rarely are they a success and it’s just difficult to take a classic film and put a fresh twist on it.

In contrast, there are those of us that are really excited for a new take on the 1992 comedy. I never expected a revamp of Sister Act, but I personally like the idea. Honestly, who doesn’t want to see Whoopi work her magic one more time and transform a lame choir like this:

into something GLORIOUS like THIS!

There’s a reason why this film is a classic 90's comedy. I’m certain that people want to see more. I still get pumped after seeing this clip:


Something about this scene always gets me. The old nun jammin on the keys. The shy Sister Mary Roberts belting out an awesome solo ( she’s got PIPES!). And of course Sister Mary Patrick’s face getting really flushed because she’s going way too ham! It’s hilarious and incredibly heartwarming.

OR what about this scene from the Sister Act 2:

This song is my JAM! Don’t lie, I know it’s your jam too!

Despite my enthusiasm for the 3rd film, and my openness to a unique plot, there is one thing that must remain. If Disney is going to make this work, it needs to round up the original cast. Sister Deloris Van Carter (Whooppi Goldberg) and Mother Superior (Maggie Smith) have to be in the film or else it wouldn’t be a Sister Act. Sister Mary Patrick (Kathy Najimy) and the Sister Mary Roberts (Wendy Makkena) also need to have roles. And how cool would it be to see Lauryn Hill, who played Rita Louise Watson in the Sister Act 2, come back and have a central role as well!

In the end, I’m excited by the news of a Sister Act 3. I’ll be watching it, no matter what people say.


Tell me what you guys think below!

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