Fuck you Gary Vaynerchuk…

…for spiting right in my eye. Fuck you for spitting on my life, on my investments, on my decisions. If this were a movie scene, this would be the point where we’d start ripping our clothes off as we just had one of those “I hate to love you” moments.

I just saw one of his videos in which he pricked my open wound with his direct finger making me bleed (obviously). See, he is absolutely right about why it feels like my business is failing when it’s only just begun. Potentially you’re experiencing this as well. Perhaps you’re a business owner like me buying knowhow (aka investing in you) instead of getting shit done?

Potentially you’re also that type of a person who praises your thinking capacity? Possibly you’re skilled but never skilled enough, right? Possibly you’re asking everyone else to believe in you before you make that final crucial step in your life — believing in yourself?

If that’s the case, this article is made for you!

In this article I’m gonna tell you (me and Gary Ve, I love you Gary, I’m sorry, let’s never fight again) — we’re gonna tell you the single most important lesson of playing the game of life!

I promise you, if you do this one right, you’re gonna live the life of your dreams. You will always win and never loose.

If you however, fail to follow this simple little rule, you’re gonna drown yourself in doubt always craving that one next thing you still need in order to be successful.

I’m talking about following the universal rule of MOTION. And that rule of motion goes like this.

  1. DO first.
  2. THINK second.

What do I mean by that? And why is it important to follow this rule — why not think first and do second like “they” taught us?

Had you been with yourself when you were just a small baby you’d have seen yourself acting first, thinking later. All the time.

A couple years back my baby girl was 5 months old. Had you been with us in my house, you’d have seen her crawling on our white floor desperately trying to catch a spider with her hand. It was a small enough spider, nothing drastic. I let her play it out.

Oh, look at how cute she is, she caught it…

OMG! She want’s to eat him!


She looked up at me with her big brown eyes giving me that “WTF mum” look.

Fact is — she wasn’t afraid to taste first, decide later if spider is on or off the menu from now on. The older we get the more things change. I bet I had something to do with that as a parent, screaming the word NO so loudly at her all the time. That7s just how parenting goes. My mum taught me that. Potentially it was my parental response and not the spider itself that got her off spiders from that point on.

Parents, friends, schools systems, coaches even are all teaching us how to avoid making mistakes with their best intentions at heart. But sometimes what they end up doing is standing in the way of you actually living out your very own life design.

Making a mistake is more often that not the best education in the world. And it’s free. Making a mistake is also the limiting fear keeping 99% of the world population frozen in thought processes.

Imagine this fear being your best friend. What kind of a friend is it? Is it helping you grow or keeping you in the dark? Is it an encouraging friend? A neighbourly shoulder to cry on. Is it your private cheerleader or your stoner buddy who you can always count on to let you get serious and all that shit tomorrow, after you give yourself some time to well forget whatever it is you hope and dream about every day. Are you helping yourself get back on that horse or are you giving in to the fear, telling yourself its no fun to ride in the first place?

Thinking before doing is only enabling non existing projections of non existing scenarios of possibly even less existing potential outcomes of your actions to never see the light of day. Thinking before doing makes you confused and keeps you distracted so you’re not dealing with the one thing that would keep you on track — doing.

Overthinking leads to insanity and if you’ve been doing it for to long you will get seriously hurt once you step into the light. I’m talking real damage. Why? Because life is never a projection of your thoughts. It never goes as planned. If your life happens exactly as planned, you my man, are living one boring dream.

I’m not talking about not thinking through your college application. I’m talking about overthinking the decision to enrol in the first place. I’m talking about practicing in the dim basement in front of teddy bears before you get the guts to start practicing in real light of your market. I’m talking about trying and testing — then thinking about what happened so you are better apt to respond.

To DO first means to start trusting that inner voice of yours, getting shit done and out there for the world to see. To DO means to stop fucking wasting time talking about what you think is stoping you from doing — and getting on with it. Start punching and breaking that wall. Cuz here’s the thing. The wall is thicker than you think and one punch doesn’t even make a dent.

The most important misleading assumption people make in the world of business is that once they’re ready, once they’re absolutely ready to take on the game, the players will stop and take a look. Perhaps even give it some serious thought.

This is the number one misleading assumption as it never ever happens this way. I’ve seen it a million times. Over practiced comes to stage — empty. One clap. That’s it. Dream’s done. But it should’t have been done this way. What you need to do is DO. Just Do all the time. Practice in front of a live audience. Overnight success is something that takes years, decades, lifetimes to build. Just when you get good, the people will actually arrive to see the show. Just when you get great, they’ll actually start paying attention and just when you’re bloody amazing — then you’ll hear them clap.

You see, they’re not there for you. They’re there to entertain themselves.

If you’re not trusting your first thought, idea, desire, direction — you’re not gonna trust your second and you sure ain’t gonna trust your third. You’re never gonna trust yourself enough and happiness will always be one step away for you as you’ll always be chasing that one thing where happiness and success reside — in YOU.

If you DO trust your first thought and focus on building momentum to deliver and DO straight on, you’re gonna be happy and successful even when you fail miserably. In fact failing miserably is what’s gonna make you successful.

There is no such thing as one success. There is no such thing as one fail just as there is no such thing as one life. Actually if the average life time expectancy is 80 years, you’re gonna have 29.200 lives when you wake up and DO, then THINK a bit about what that DODO produced. Then you go to bed and repeat another life in a day.

Every day, every life, new walls get built and new DO’s need to get done. If you wait for your jab, cross, hook and uppercut to be perfected outside of a ring, you’re missing the whole point of the game! Life is about being in the middle of it, sour or sweet.

Do, and see where it get’s you. Trust You will get You where You want to be. Trust no one else but You.

It sounds egoistical and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Being mindful of you doesn’t mean you start drowning fluffy white bunnies in buckets of water or that you allow yourself to become a nasty prick to others. Being mindful of you means you start respecting your ideas, your thoughts, your designs, your desires and all that is you. Being mindful of you means you actually start following that very silent and much delicate voice in your head that speaks first and you know is right — up until all those other voices get all over him like bullies in the mess-hall. It’s that untarnished childlike playful voice you need to follow that tells you to eat that spider while the whole world of other voices shout NO! You do it.

You’ll smile afterwards. You did it!

Now tell me what you think?