Meta Launcher Partners with CyberScope for KYC and Smart Contract Audits

2 min readMar 10


Meta Launcher is excited to announce our past partnership with CyberScope, a leading auditing firm in the blockchain industry. With over 1200 audits completed and partnerships with major launchpads like PinkSale, GemPad or UniCrypt, CyberScope was the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals of building trust and recognition for our project.

As part of our past partnership, CyberScope provided us with both KYC (Know Your Customer) services and smart contract audit. KYC was an important step in validating the identity of core team members.

During the KYC process, the core members of our project submitted their ID documentation and went through a live interview with the CyberScope team to ensure that they were who they claimed to be. CyberScope stored all the personal identifiable information of our project members securely.

In addition, CyberScope performed the first of many smart contract audits to ensure the safety and security of our deployed MTLA token contract. This process identified and addressed any potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that our project was both trustworthy and secure for our users.

In addition we are pleased to announce that we have also obtained KYC and audit badges for our MTLA token presale happening 1.5.2023 at launchpad. These badges serve as further proof of our commitment to transparency and security in the metaverse industry.

At Meta Launcher, we understand the importance of building trust and recognition for our project, and we are proud to have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of our platform. Our KYC and audit badges demonstrate our dedication to creating a trustworthy and secure environment for our users.

We encourage all of our users to check for these badges when evaluating projects in the industry. By doing so, you can be sure that the project has taken the necessary steps to ensure your safety and security.

Thank you for your continued support of Meta Launcher. We look forward to building a better metaverse together.

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