Perforated Metal development and application range

Perforated Metal sheets have applications in various industries such as:

· Engineering: Machine components, stiffeners, fittings, racks

· Construction: Cladding, facades, decorative metal mesh ceilings, balustrades, balcony panels, arcades and sunbreakers, windows blinds, gates, fences, screens, grates, protection covers, acoustic panels, ventilation diffusers, heaters and cable troughs

· Automotive and Air transport: Lorries, buses, trains, underground trains, ships, airbag traps, loud speaker covers and car tuning

· Processing: Pizza baking tins, sugar mills, daily processing, malt plants, driers, energy production, filters, food production and processing, gas turbines, hammer mills, extraction industry, oil wells, paper-mills, cement factories, pharmacies, petro-chemical and steel plants and recycling

· Electrical Industry: Electronic boards, computer housings, satellite receivers, dish tv boxes, distributor boxes and transporting boxes

· Advanced architecture: Municipal furniture, outdoor furniture, billboards, furniture decoations, shelf systems, lighting, heating covers, decorative grilles, litter baskets and household units and more.

· Goods: Cooling bars, draining boards, washing machine filters, kitchen appliances, microwave doors, utensils, vapor absorber grilles, grills racks, graters and perforated pan covers

· Agriculture: Machine, grain driers, grilles for tractors, floor grilles, silos, bulk semi-trailers, tanks for grain, potato separators and shredders.

The key benefits of choosing Heanjia for perforated metals are in-house tailored production and one of the biggest supplying units for perforated metals in Asia. We have a complete range of advanced machines and production tools. This is the reason that we are highly versatile in custom made order supplies and also large stock production.

Perforation can be done on sheets or coils. The sheets are flattened and surface treated for various perforation designs such as round, slot, decorative, square, anti-skid and special requirements. Got any idea? We turn your ideas in reality.

Perforation Materials

Mild Steel- Economical priced material, fit for surface processing- ho deep galvanizing, painting and coating

Stainless Steel- Prolong life, corrosion resistance. It is in demand in pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing that are in demand for hygienic regulations and in advanced architecture.

Aluminum- It is known for its lightweight and prolong life additionally it is not affected by corrosion. To receive the excellent result, Aluminum can be coated with powder coating.

We offer hundreds of types of perforated metal sheets in the distribution warehouses. We can produce a great range of perforated products. The production methods used are press cutting, laser cutting, bending and flattening. The size of sheets can be modified to your requirements or drawings.

Round Holes deep staggered- Deep staggered holes offer anti-skid surface on ramps, drive ups of vehicles or lorries for example in choosing machines as the deep slot holes. We operate as the biggest perforated sheet supplier based in China. Our offices are located in Beijing (China) and Seattle (U.S.). Our wide range of products is available in China. We offer a large range of items in perforated metals and expanded sheets. Custom development and delivery service and successful export to worldwide countries are our features. Our stable management and professional sales team is ready to assist you in meeting your needs.