Lions record a 3rd straight win in Grand Final replay


Minchia FC 2–8 Metalurg Lions CF
(HT: Minchia FC 1–3 Metalurg Lions CF)

Venue: RMIT Bundoora Futsal Stadium
Attendance: 15

Metalurg have notched up their 3rd win in a row, after thrashing Minchia FC 2–8.

The boys went confident into the fixture on Sunday night having back-to-back wins under our belt. We started well and dominated from the start in last season’s Grand Final replay. The majority of the first half was proving frustrating and unlucky for our boys in red as the ball would not go into the back of the net.

Nikoloski and D. Paunkoski had the majority of the chances for our Lions, however the opposition goalkeeper’s fine display and the woodwork on multiple times came to their rescue. Against the run of play, with three minutes to play in the first half, Minchia FC’s first shot on target ended up in the back of our net for a 1–0 lead. The boys briefly wondered if this wasn’t going to be their day. Those thoughts were quickly blown away as D. Paunkoski made it 1–1, eight seconds after going behind. A minute later, Todevski found the brilliant G. Stojanovski who with an exquisite finish, gave us the lead. Half a minute later, Nikoloski played a one-two pass with Todevski, who then Nikoloski rifled from a tight angle for a 1–3 lead just before the half time whistle.

Shortly after the restart in the second half, our boys extended our lead when Todevski’s flick on header found G. Stojanovski to finish for 1–4. M. Paunkoski, who was fantastic in midfield, found the hard working Karevski, who got on the scoresheet for the first time this season. D. Paunkoski later on found the unmarked Todevski at the back post who himself got on the scoresheet also. D. Paunkoski completed his hat-trick shortly after when he was found by Karevski and M. Paunkoski. Petrovski on the other end, made a few fantastic saves to keep the score as it stood in a game where he wasn’t terribly troubled overall.

The only worry that occurred during the later stages of the game was the ankle injury to D. Paunkoski, who now faces a race against time to be fit for the Round 6 clash against Oaf FC.

We’d like to thank all of your fans that were in attendance on Sunday night and to those who tuned in to our live stream. It is always greatly appreciated. We hope to see you again in the stands supporting our boys in red next round.

Hапред Металург!

Round 5 Starting Line Up:

33. Alexandar PETROVSKI (GK)
9. Aleksandar NIKOLOSKI
10. Daniel PAUNKOSKI
11. Lubie TODEVSKI

Interchange Substitues:
27. Hristijan KAREVSKI

3— D. Paunkoski
2 — G. Stojanovski
1 — A. Nikoloski
1 — L. Todevski
1 — H. Karevski

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