Outstanding Lions outclass Pensioners


RMIT PlayFutsal (Bundoora), Division 1 (Winter Season ‘17)

Metalurg Lions FC 12–3 Pensioners
(HT: Metalurg Lions FC 8–0 Pensioners)

Venue: RMIT University Futsal Stadium, Bundoora
Attendance: 33

Our boys in red have made it four wins in a row after comfortably defeating Pensioners in the Balkan derby, 12–3.

As there was no changes to the squad for the first time since early last season, the Lions were ready to roar for the occasion and were up for the challenge against the Croatian based team.

Our boys dominated from the start, creating all the early chances through Jovanovski and Nikoloski. It was D. Paunkoski though who opened the scoring for us and the floodgates of goals opened. He doubled our lead before, Jovanovski, Nikoloski and Stojanovski also got on the scoresheet. While Stojanovski got on the scoresheet for a fifth time in a row this season, Jovanovski got another goal before half time to score his 50th goal in Metalurg colours, sending the fans into a frenzy. Stankovski and M. Paunkoski also came very close if not for the brilliant goalkeeping by the Pensioners stopper but it was man-of-the-match D. Paunkoski who finished off the half for us by netting his first hat-trick of the season, while adding a fourth to his name, all before half time.

With the game virtually in the bag for our boys in red, it did not slow them down one bit. Nikoloski came close as he hit the post twice in quick succession. Shortly after, Stojanovski came close, Jovanovski hit the post also and great goalkeeping denied Stankovski adding another goal to our tally. Petrovski, who was untroubled all first half, was called into action to make a fantastic save but could do nothing about the two goals in a minute scored by Pensioners, which threatened a mini comeback.

Those hopes were put to bed when the Paunkoski brothers combined, as Daniel found an unmarked Miki in the penalty area to finish off a classic counter attack. Nikoloski’s expertly taken finish took us to double figures and he set up Jovanovski a minute later to complete his first hat-trick fro the Lions this season. Delightful skill by Nikoloski found D. Paunkoski on the wing, who got past a defender and then squared the ball back to Nikoloski to see him complete his first hat-trick of the season also and really kick into some form. It was the first time in three season that three different players scored a hat-trick in one game for the Lions. There was a very late consolation for the Pensioners but as the final whistle blew, all it marked was joy to the Lions faithful.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and cheered our boys in red and for those who tuned into our live stream of the game. Your support does not go unnoticed, and it’s always greatly appreciated.

Hапред Металург!

Round 6 Starting Line-Up:
33. Alexandar PETROVSKI (GK)
9. Aleksandar NIKOLOSKI

Interchange Substitutes: 
10. Daniel PAUNKOSKI 

4 — D. Paunkoski 
3— A. Nikoloski
3— D. Jovanovski
1 — G. Stojanovski
1 — M. Paunkoski

ThinkMedia MOTM: 10. Daniel PAUNKOSKI (Metalurg Lions FC)

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