How will MetaMakerz create added value in SandBox and other metaverses ?

Buy and Build in the Metaverse

The SandBox and Decentraland are currently the most reknown and advanced metaverses but other projects will emerge in the coming months as more and more opportunities arise. MetaMakerz will analyze all these promising metaverses and buy land or NFTs in order to upgrade them by building infrastructure and organizing events on them. Upgrading assets in the metaverses will allow MetaMakerz to make a profit by selling at a higher price.

Atari Land in SandBox

Marketing Operations

The MetaMakerz team is already discussing with companies, brands and partners willing to actively participate in the Metaverse. Our mission is to support them with marketing & communication operations in order to hype their arrival in the right metaverses. Depending on their brand image and strategies, our goal is to determine the most appropriate audience and help them reach the largest number of people. Thanks to our partnerships with companies specialized in metaverse building construction (B.E.M Builders and, we can also imagine collaborations with powerful brands and artists who want to create their own infrastructures in the Metaverse.

Exclusible x

Exclusive Pre-Sales

As a strategic actor and thanks to our large network of web3 players, we can be informed and have access to seed rounds and pre-sales before the general public. As a result, MetaMakerz has a first-mover advantage in Metaverse, NFT and Web3 projects which increases potential returns and rewards for $MKZ stakers and holders.

Voxel Art 😍



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