Kucoin launches its 1st Fractionalized NFT operation !

On July 29, 2022, Kucoin launched its 1st fractional NFT operation. The tier 1 exchange is certainly the 1st of a long list to offer Fractional NFTs. MetaMakerz will also be a main player in the democratization of Fractional NFTs, feature with several advantages.

What is the NFT Fractioning ?

NFT Fractioning allows everyone to access assets usually restricted to a limited number of wealthy wallets. The platform buys a NFT and splits it into several Fractioned NFT. By dividing its price, users will be able to own a portion of Tier 1 NFT. The Fractioned NFT created indeed guarantees the ownership of a portion of the underlying asset.

According to the MetaMakerz team, the NFT Fractioning will contribute to the democratization of NFT. This process removes many barriers and gives everyone access to the most coveted collections.

Illustration of Kucoin BAYC#5066

The content details of Kucoin operation ?

It is interesting to see how a top exchange presents its 1st Fractional NFT operation. This type of operation targets beginner or intermediate web3 users wishing to participate in the development of the ecosystem and benefit from its growth.

The first project of the Fractional NFTs Platform will be featured in BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) collectibles, BAYC#5066 and BAYC#8669

Fractionalized Fungible Token Sale Details:

  1. 1 BAYC NFT = 1,000,000 hiBAYC
  2. Initial Total Supply — 2 NFTs: 2,000,000 hiBAYC
  3. Hard Cap Per User: 200,000 hiBAYC
  4. Token Sale Price: 1 hiBAYC = 0.13 USDT
  5. Token Type: ERC-20
  6. Token Sale Format: Flash Sale (first come, first serve)
  7. Trading Pair: HIBAYC/USDT

The 3 main advantages of Fractionalized Fungible Token according to Kucoin ?

  • Low Investment Barrier: The super rare blue-chip NFTs will become very easy to obtain after it is split, allowing everyone to participate in this one of the most popular investments at the moment.
  • Centralized Experience: Without a complicated on-chain process, users can directly purchase these Fractional NFTs using the balance in their trading account.
  • Trading on KuCoin Marketplace: Fractionalized fungible tokens issued on KuCoin will be tradable on spot trading after the token sale and have world-class liquidity in multiple trading pairs.

There are a lot of other advantages of Fractionalized NFT that you can find in the MetaMakerz pitch deck !

The arrival of big companies on the Fractional NFT market is encouraging for the future of MetaMakerz knowing that Fractional NFT (Metaverse, NFT, GameFi) will be a feature on the future platform app.metamakerz.io.

MetaMakerz ICO is coming Q4 2022, for more information visit metamakerz.io.



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