Metaverse Avatars: Why Digital Identity Is Important

MetaMetaverse is a platform for creating your own metaverse. Each metaverse functions as a virtual society and has its own games, interactive experiences, economy, and governance. These metaverses are constructed with metameta lang, the layer 1 protocol for metaverse interoperability.

Table of contents

  • Do I need an avatar?
  • Exploration
  • Shopping
  • Be an influencer
  • Play-to-earn games
  • Business casual
  • Meeting up
  • Where do I start?

Everyone wants to be unique. We are all different after all. We like to show our style, our affinities, we show our preferences, and even our beliefs and backgrounds. This is just as true within virtual worlds too.

We have seen a trend in video games over the past couple years in which the need for individuality has become a priority. This is largely due to the evolution of online gaming and microtransactions in games. When a new skin comes out, a big group of players dive right in, while those with more cash to spend will go out of their way to look unique.

Do I need an avatar?

In the MetaMetaverse, an avatar will be your guiding star. A physical representation of you that you can lead through your adventures. You can make these characters as similar or different as you please, though there are some benefits to suiting your avatar to your actual features. We’ll get into all of that later.

As a metaverse explorer, you will need to have an avatar to get around. There are many things that you can do with your avatar but on a basic level, you will need them to get around. People will be able to recognize you through your character, or see your evolving style. Your avatar can reflect who you are or a completely imaginary side of you. It is all up to you.


Just like wherever you go, your avatar will be the point that gets you from place to place. Important decisions need to be made here. You might be representing your community, if you choose to become part of one. You may also be sending a personal message through your outfit. Maybe you’ve made a deal to advertise using your looks, and you are earning income from it.

Whatever the case may be, as you go about from place to place, other users will see you and you need to look your best.

Your avatar is only one extension of your look however. Using Metaships, you also have a vehicle to show off your style with. This comes at an extra expense, just as many upgrades to your avatar’s looks. Metaships are just as dynamic though, you can increase your vehicle’s speed, visual appeal, or special features.


On a more practical level, your avatar can engage in meta-commerce. If you are out doing some shopping while in and around the metaverse, it may be useful to try things on and get an idea of how they fit. Because the dimensions of the real world can be applied to a metaverse, you can try on clothes and get an idea of how snug or loose they might be, beyond of course how they look on you.

Your avatar’s clothes are virtual, but they are also registered as uniquely your own. Everything in the metaverse is an NFT, your avatar, your clothes, your property, everything. Your style is saved to the blockchain, and your bought items are collected in your wallet. Your whole repertoire is in one place and you can splash it all out and be your best self.

Be an influencer

We all know them, love them or hate them. Social media has bred a new kind of celebrity and they exist digitally. It is true that most of these people are famous because they display their look using pictures and videos, visual media, but this will be equally true in the metaverse. There are already so many celebrities and influencers excited about this new tech. This will be a trend that will certainly be interesting to watch.

The metaverse, beyond all else, is a commercial media. Driving profits and creating engagement through amazing products and activities. We all need a trusty user based approach to make decisions about what to buy and where to hangout, and influencers are perfect for that kind of thing. Avatars bring that sense of style and personality into the virtual realm.

The metaverse can give a new canvas for creative young people looking to make a name for themselves digitally. It can create awesome streams of revenue and a place to spread that vibe.

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Play-to-earn games

This should be an obvious one really. Any online gamer will tell you that your look is just as important as your game. This could be unique naming, or just having the time and money to get new skins. Whether your style is Esports or adventure MMO games, your style should help build your brand and elevate your status amongst the noobs.

Just as with influencers, you can make a name for yourself by showing off your passions and interests. Build your reputation as a pro-gamer by showing off your threads throughout the metaverse. Once you have defined your brand and people know it well, sell your style in online shops and make money off of your online fame.

If you’ve put in the time to create the style, use it!

Business casual

It may sound silly that in more formal meetings on the metaverse that you would need to dress for the occasion, but it could be helpful. Remember that your avatar is a representation of yourself and this applies everywhere you go.

In meeting with other professionals in the metaverse, you may want to display your craft or expertise with your outfit. This could be a stylish suit that dresses you in confidence, or a laid-back crafts shop that sells colorful jewelry or knick-knacks. It’s all there to say, hey metaverse, this is who I am!

There will be cases where your digital apparel won’t be necessary, working on files and uploading content for example, but by and large, social interactions will always be brightened by your avatar’s distinguished and well-developed look.

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Meeting up

There are less serious reasons to have an avatar too. In the end of the day, the main focus of the MetaMetaverse is fun. We want to help you relax and engage with friends both near and far in a casual and open space. Seeing a familiar face brings a sense of real-world gusto to your online life in the same way that your profile pic shows your friends and followers who you are.

Your avatar will virtually appear in crowds and in spaces where people collect and have a good time. Friends will recognize you whether by coincidence or by plan, you can wave them over and have a quick chat, sit with a coffee or read up on all the latest things going on around.

Where do I start?

Getting an avatar is simple. It’s just like being ‘born’ into the metaverse. The rest is down to you. If you have ever played the Sims or any other open world simulator, then this process won’t be complicated. You can build your character in your own image or just goof off and create something fun.

Your avatar can be used functionally. By adding your weight dimensions and characteristics to your avatar, you will be able to try on clothes and other items to give you a true sense of whether it looks good, or even fits. This can help you make online purchases and make decisions about the things you want to buy, in the real world as well as in the virtual one.

Whether for fun or for work, an avatar in the metaverse can make you standout. You can build a brand around yourself, and start conversations. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and if you don’t, fake it until you make it.

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Do I need to buy an avatar? No, in the MetaMetaverse your avatar is given to you as an extension of your online self. You can buy NFT based clothing to store in your wallet and wear out and about, this will cost money. Naturally, decking out in expensive jewelry is going to be more expensive than wearing a T and some sandals.

As an influencer, how can my avatar show my style? Avatars are a form of branding. They are meant to represent you and all that you stand for. For this reason, it is all up to you to flaunt your style and create a visual idea of yourself virtually.



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MetaMetaverse is a platform for creating your metaverse, functioning as a virtual society with its own games, interactive experiences, economy, and governance.