Open Beta is here!

4 min readNov 18, 2022

Today marks a big milestone for Metamon Royale…..Open Beta!

As of today, anyone can download the Metamon Royale Beta directly from our website.

If hunting monsters and fighting enemies sounds fun to you, then you’re in the right place. Come enjoy our genre-bending, PvX monster hunting game. But first — to prepare you for combat — lets dive into some of the details surrounding our Open Beta.

From left to right: Sparki, Pico, Lilo, Memo, Dax

Download + Sign-up

We’ve officially moved away from Steam. Those who played our Closed Beta via Steam, will have to re-download the game directly through our website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Play for Free”
  3. Select your operating system

Once you’ve downloaded the game and launched it, you’ll be redirected to Gamenaut to create your account. All you’ll need to create your account is an email address and password. You will later be able to connect your NEAR wallet to Gamenaut to access all your GameFi features.

After creating your Gamenaut account, you’ll be redirected to Metamon Royale to start your adventure!



We recently added Training to improve onboarding for new users. When launching the game for the first time, you’ll be redirected to Training immediately.

Once you’ve completed your Training, you’ll be awarded 1 FREE Metamon Monster to start off your journey.

Navigate inside the building and you will find a range of Gen 1 Monsters to choose from. To select your Monster, right-click your mouse near it and you’ll Capture it!

Select your favourite Metamon Monster at the end of your Training

Choose carefully, because this Metamon will be your companion for your first couple of matches. Check out the Metadex to learn about each one and make your selection.

How to Play a Match

To start playing, click the PLAY at the top of the home screen.

Click Play to begin

You’ll be redirected to a page with 3 options: Menace, Supremacy, Private.

Private matches require a lobby code, and are generally used during tournaments and other events organized by the team. Menace and Supremacy are our two main game modes. More on them below!

Menace + Supremacy

Once you’re ready to play, you’ll find 2 game modes to choose: Menace and Supremacy.

  • MENACE is a PvP mode where you spawn as a Monster and fight against players from Supremacy mode. In Menace, you’re the antagonist: your objective is to earn points by defeating your Human enemies and preventing them from extracting with all their loot!
  • SUPREMACY is PvPvE mode where you spawn as a Human, and fight against wild Monsters, Bosses, and players from Menace. As a Human, you’re able to Extract with all your loot at various points in the game. Or, you can choose to keep playing and risk losing it all.

Menace games are free to enter. Supremacy requires an entry fee of 10 Metacoins.

When playing Supremacy, go to an Extraction Point if you want to leave the game with your loot!
If you choose not to Extract, you’ll eventually face a Boss. They are powerful, but carry lots of Loot. High-risk, high-reward!

All new players receive 100 Metacoins. Players can get more Metacoins by playing either of our game modes, Menace or Supremacy. If you’re out of coins and can’t join Supremacy, play a few Menace games to top up!

Final Remarks

We hope you enjoy our Beta. As you embark on your journey, we’d love to hear your feedback or bug reports, simply post them on

During Beta, expect some awesome recurring events, tournaments, and rewards. As Beta players, you’re early. We’ve got some exciting stuff coming your way. More on that later. ;)

Happy Hunting!
Metamon Team