Hello world. We are the future of venture building.

We have a big vision and that is to democratize funding for everyone and power possibilities through the power of the crowd.

We believe there is a better way for every new venture. The current venture model is broken. And we have plenty of reasons why -

Access to funding is slow and expensive, it can take up to a year to raise a round of capital.

Once a round has been closed, Founders lack the necessary support aligned to their business, money is not the only solution to success.

VC investments are skewed towards mature markets and designed to build unicorns — this is not aligned to the welfare of local economies

Basically VCs couldn’t give two hoots about how these businesses are creating a positive impact in the world.

We imagine the future is the crowd. Where the decentralization of power from VCs promises an aligned network of believers, partners and experts.

Which means a fast and agile manner to raise capital with tokens from the community. We make it easy to build a fully aligned team globally matched with skills, experience and interest through AI matchmaking and we have an highly incentivized community to support the success of startups.

What we care a lot about is opening new opportunities to projects benefiting local economies with a social return on investment.

We are excited about the possibilities of communities of common interests solving for the future…this is the mere beginning.

Follow us for more updates on our mission, vision, platform and team. @metamorph_io Twitter, Telegram, Facebook. Until tomorrow!

Maz Cohen, Lead Revolutionary and Head of Marketing

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