Introducing Metamorph: The future of venture building

Jul 9, 2018 · 4 min read
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The creativity, innovation and experimental nature of startup businesses make the world a better place. There was never a time in history with so much entrepreneurial spirit solving problems big and small: from biotechnology moonshots all the way down to local problems like ethical farming or micro lending.

This is a fantastic development in human history, but we believe we are only at the start of the journey. The current model might have transformed how we live, how we travel and how we communicate with each other, but it proved to be incapable solving existential problems: inequality, overcentralization, exclusivity and talent wasted.

The goal of Metamorph is to create a better world for everyone by changing how startups are financed and how people are investing into startups.

This is the problem Metamorph aims to solve by democratizing venture funding through decentralization and community governance, and by building an inclusive, efficient startup ecosystem for the world.

Traditional VC models are broken due to their restriction to investment by geographies, placing bets based on bias algorithms and a staggered approach to capital allocation based on future valuations. This isn’t just a problem with VCs but the total venture funding industry worth $155 BILLION annually Source: Venture Pulse, 2018

Why is this a problem for the world?

Venture capital is going after moonshots, and doesn’t care deeply about societal impact. If you operate in the agricultural sector, you have much smaller chance to be funded by VCs than if you operated in biotechnology. Does this mean the society doesn’t need your innovative ideas regarding agriculture? The answer is obviously a no. It just means that a particular group of prominent people doesn’t need them.

Why is the money not being invested into projects that benefit society? Because it’s in the best interest of VCs to hyper inflate the VC funnel until total market share is gained and the market controlled.

The incubator model is a small example of what a solution could be for diverse projects supported by experts and seed money, though this model only nurtures the very early stages and focuses on just getting the product market fit and does not secure start ups against future pitfalls and fundraising challenges.

New technologies and opportunities

Tokenisation, with the power of blockchain technologies, will solve problems that we experience that exist in the venture building. Suddenly any company anywhere in the world can raise funds from anyone, cutting out the intermediaries. The nature of crypto tokens make the middlemen obsolete, as none of their services are needed anymore. Ownership records are kept on the blockchain and asset custody remains at directly at the investor.

The tokenization of economies, and specifically the tokenization of non-blockchain companies is the next big wave of financial innovation. It is inclusive, as it’s accessible to any company and any investor. It is democratic, as the only thing that matters is the business idea.

Metamorph aims to be at the forefront of this revolution.

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Welcome to Metamorph

Metamorph is the future of venture building. We build a new, decentralized and geography-agnostic model for startup funding and incubation based on the values of inclusivity, community centric governance and a radically open exchange of ideas.

We envision a world, where good ideas of talented founders have access to funding and mentoring regardless of their location and background, and where investors have access to a whole new class of startups.

We aim to build this next generation of ecosystems using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

In order to fulfil our vision, we are building a virtual startup incubator with three connected parts consisting of:

  1. A compliant and decentralized fundraising network
  2. A matchmaking algorithm where startups can find mentors, advisors and team members
  3. A marketplace for blockchain-compliant products and services that startups need

The three elements are inseparable and work in unison. The ecosystem is powered by Metamorph’s own token, $MATTER.

We believe in an open and inclusive society and will continue to do whatever it takes to push into the future and disrupt the current system to create better solutions for all.

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