Meet JANET TODOROVA — our Product Chief

Metamorph is built on a simple vision of a more open and inclusive society. With this vision in sight, Metamorph is set to democratise funding for every founder and power possibilities through the crowd through our ICO crowdfunding marketplace and people match making through products.

Janet Todorova joined our team today here at Metamorph as the Product Chief. Here’s a quick introduction to get to know her better.

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Tell us about yourself…

I’m a startup enthusiast, passionate about meaningful technology solving real-world problems. I have experience working in startups in Berlin & Sofia and also in running an early stage startup acceleration program with the Founder Institute being one of the directors in Berlin. Lately I have been focused on product development in FinTech and that’s how I got really inspired by the blockchain and joined Metamorph.

My role now is to focus on the Metamorph product, more specifically a revolutionary platform that is lean agile and data driven. Our focus will be to unlock the power of the crowd in a decentralised manner. Personally, I’m a hobby psychologist, passionate about astrophysics (true Neil deGrasse Tyson fan), space exploration, education and blockchain.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

Professionally, I have been through all sorts of roles in — digital marketing, advertising, business development, tech recruitment, product development, event management, community building, etc. That proved to be a successful career approach since for startup teams being a generalist is critical to survive. Now I’m happily wearing many hats with the ultimate goal to get things done. My experience with the Founder Institute was particularly insightful. My experience with the Founder Institute (Network of 150 countries) was particularly insightful. I learned through this experience what the gaps are for start up projects to survive and succeed.

Have you ever failed at anything?

It’s has been a long time since I last felt failure. Throughout the years I just realised there are no failures — there are only learnings. If I perceive those as failures I will get dragged into negative emotions that will slow me down — much easier to take it as a good lesson and move on.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by brilliant and odd people. I’m always curious to learn what are the alternative minds of our times think about the ‘ultimate question of life, the universe and everything’. It just blows my mind when someone shows me a point of view I have never thought of. Amazing.

What do you want your legacy to be?

One thing I want to spread among people is the attitude to be curious and question everything. A school for kids teaching these value would be a nice legacy :)

What is the thing that we would be most surprised about, about you?

Most of the times people are surprised about the combination of my childlike laughter & playfulness and the ability to work hard to achieve the impossible. Again, it’s just a learning from experience — things don’t work if you stress about them, people don’t want to collaborate if you’re grumpy.

What inspired you to join Metamorph?

With Metamorph I found like-minded brilliant people that I share common values with and, most importantly, a common vision for the future of humanity. Sometimes I’m told my dreams are bold and crazy, with Metamorph my dreams are just goals that we’re about to achieve.

Spreading Metamorph’s mission at the Pirate Summit 2018
The hire of Janet marks an important step to be able to deliver on the product. She has a dynamic leadership quality and with her ability to both understand the community and start up project needs and motivations will help Metamorph deliver a world class product.
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