It’s because given the choice nobody would hire teens if you had to pay the same for them.

I’m puzzled by the inconsistencies between paragraphs of this comment. You seem to think teenagers do shoddy work and you seem to think the author is a teenager.

Yet her article is tightly crafted journalism and your response is rambling and factually disarrayed, taking premises for granted left and right without spending the least effort one verifying them. It took me a Google search and a single click to find out that the author graduated college in 2009.

Which, by the way, costs $12k a year for tuition alone at a middle-of-the-road state school, not an Ivy League. Ivies cost more like $50k a year. It’s not hard to find the numbers there, either.

Making things up or pulling them from pithy “common sense” stuff that drunken people say at pubs and being very confident about your conclusions from these data does not actually make them true.

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