A network of connectivity and decentralization with Metapulse

With the on-going development of Metapulse, we would like to publish on where we stand in the world of digital security and provide insight on our solutions and overall development so far.

As a security company our aim is to secure digital assets within enterprise conditions, as we believe security is a top priority for institutions & corporations that are provide utility for their consumers.

What makes us different?

We wanted to achieve a name in the world of security but we desired the bringing of diversity into our products, we have been able to advance incredibly and provide a few of our clients in the blockchain world the comfort of security and trust towards the connectivity between their project and its users with one of our other advancing products which includes the security of dApp / DeFi applications.

We are different in the assessment of vision, innovation, and critical thinking against a problem, we do not apply common practices within our products to combat threats but rather innovate perceptive techniques to mitigate the threat and provide an environment of security with our clients. We believe diversity is key to a problem, you can approach a problem from one side or approach the problem and choose the strongest and most logical solution from all attainable sides.

What is our current progress?

We have obtained a level of attention within the blockchain and security industry with the auditing of blockchain platforms such as Bonfire and RhymeSick, having them trust our expertise has provided a positive connection with us and our clients, which is why we have engaged in the deployment of threat monitoring in blockchain transactions related to our client’s smart contracts.

Our monitoring aggregator can detect real-time exploiting of a smart contract and notifies us straight away if a transaction is deemed suspicious or has sent illegal instructions towards the smart contract in order to exploit / hack the smart contract’s behavior.

We are working immensely on a private blockchain that is currently being used and tested against ransomware attacks. Our private blockchain consists of a secret protocol that we will be announcing upon further development. Our clients are presented with variables from decentralization to autonomous inclusion within the protocol, our protocol is defined upon a set of rules and autonomy to enforce the leverage with defenses against ransomware and protect enterprise data.

We have been featured on Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, International Business Magazine, Baystreet Canada, as a result of continuous development and partnerships. This has provided Metapulse the opportunity to expand its presence and authenticity in the digital world of security.

What’s next for Metapulse?

We will be announcing our next plans and development status within our social platforms, we will be including our updates through this platform mainly to impose more accessibility and professionalism. We will be gradually updating our platforms, and expand further. We thank everyone who has read this medium on our on-going development, and from us to you, have a blessed night.



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