MetaRivals Partners with Deefy, a cross chain NFT lending and borrowing protocol backed by Polygon

2 min readApr 15, 2022


MetaRivals is overjoyed to announce our one of the most important partnerships that will shape our ecosystem the way we visualise it!

We are happy to partner with Deefy, an upcoming NFT protocol backed and trusted by world-class entities like Polygon.

This partnership aims at unlocking the highly anticipated utility of Lending and borrowing your MetaRivals NFTs for our gamerbase 🎮 using which our players can earn interest on their idle NFTs by lending it in a fully decentralized manner.

The borrowers on the other hand will get to integrate trending and superpowerful warriors into the gaming ecosystem enabling them to play better in tournaments and thus yielding better $MRVL rewards from battles.

This will enable the players planning to appear in important tournaments and battles with warriors that they do not own without having to buy their NFTs.

This special usecase of MetaRivals' NFTs will provide us with extra leverage to compete against all other Play2EARN platforms that does not support this feature yet while making our game even more immersive.

What is MetaRivals?
MetaRivals is an addictive arcade-style beat 'em up metaverse game that enables players to battle with warriors based on crypto inspired Avatars.

Our Play2EARN metaverse gaming ecosystem aims to connect various Crypto-Communities to a single platform by offering players the opportunity to represent and express their love and rivalries for their favourite coins in a fun new way, whilst earning $MRVL in rewards.

What is deefy?

Deefy is a decentralized protocol built on top of major public blockchains that allows essential financial services for NFTs such as Buying in installments(BNPL), renting & lending. Deefy aims to solve two major problems in NFTs nowadays i.e., Affordability & Illiquidity.




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