Alpha version update!

Hunters, greetings!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching an exclusive Alpha testing phase for MetaShooter, and we’ll need your assistance to make it a successful experience.

An initial pre-alpha version of the game was sent to the core team for early pre-alpha testing and feedback gathering. In some of the early responses, members expressed great enthusiasm for the game’s addicting gameplay and for the competitive thrill that came with the tournament-based competition format.

An exclusive alpha version of the game will be available only to early investors, badge holders, and MHUNT stakers (meaning you will be among the first to experience our game!).

Although the blockchain will not be linked during the alpha phase, there will still be monetization options available.

MetaShooter is a first-person shooter developed on the Unreal Engine, with fluid dynamics and visuals.

Our early users will have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the MetaShooter hunting metaverse. Training, testing weaponry and game mechanics, hunting, earning prizes by completing tasks and challenges, staking, and experiencing one of the MetaShooter open-world zones will all be available to users in the Alpha edition (10km2 of playing area).

In the Alpha version, there will be a variety of different missions and challenges coming every week, player will be able to track leader boards and compete with their friends. Leaders will be evaluated regarding their achieved skills and strategy.

Hunters, be prepared!
Even MetaShooter Alpha will be super competitive, winners will be rewarded every day. Alpha version will provide such rewards as in-game tokens, MetaShooter NFTS, and more.

Later on, when the Beta version will come out, players will be able to enjoy MHUNT token rewards and all benefits that blockchain will provide, as well as enjoy hunting seasons with at least 3 new regions unlocked. Players will be amazed when all of this goes live, as we are presently developing additional quests, challenges, and other activities for them in preparation for this launch.

While in the Alpha phase, the primary objectives are to debug the code, test security protocols, and verify that the gameplay and game elements are functioning as planned. In addition to completing bug and feedback forms, participants will also be expected to offer constructive input to the team.

In addition to gameplay and fluidity testing, the alpha phase will include a number of unique objectives that will be offered to players. Testers will have the opportunity to compete for a variety of rewards, including cash incentives such as in-game token rewards for first place. Every week throughout the alpha period, a new challenge will be made available to players. More info TBA.

Keep an eye out for a FAQ that will address some of your additional questions concerning the exclusive Alpha test. The time when the testing session will begin will be notified as we move closer to the deadline. Thank you for your assistance, and we look forward to working with you on the next step of the game.

About MetaShooter:
MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse that joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a community where they can experience realistic hunting and develop many activities with wide monetization opportunities.

MetaShooter enters the Metaverse gaming market by giving new ways of hunting and putting its players first. Players can create their own hunter and prepare to enter the huge hunting industry:

Experience real hunting
Play in tournaments, multiplayer with stunning visuals with VR compatibility.

Hunt & Earn
Receive token rewards by hunting trophies, winning tournaments, and more.

Customize & Upgrade
hunting equipment by making their hunter unique.

Buy hunting lands, build towers, breed NFT dogs, and earn passive income.

Explore the open World, hunt anywhere they want, and experience various environments, animals, stunning visuals, and realistic dynamics.

Exciting, RNG technology-powered gameplay with logical utilization of each NFT asset.

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MetaShooter — Breathtaking play to earn hunting metaverse.