Dungeon Pre-Launch Details!

This major article details the numbers for how Castles NFT Dungeon expansion operates! We describe how stamina, monsters, equipment and loot all work. And most importantly, the numbers behind them! How many resources might it take to earn a mythic hero and full set of mythic armor? Find out here!

Some of this may seem very detailed, during play it will be a simple and accessible experience. Although, many players will find it useful to dive deep and start planning ahead now.

To start, here’s a preview of hero customizing!

Credit goes to Metasource Games founder and partner Josh “Aridhol” Cantrell for calculating the numbers for the Dungeons Expansion.

Here we go!

Heroes, Stamina, & Equipment

Hero Staking & Customization

In order to use a Hero, that Hero and their equipment must be staked! The reason for this is pretty straightforward, in order to tie together your Hero and their equipment, they need to be staked to a contract that ties the assets together. You won’t be able to unstake your Hero if their Stamina isn’t FULL!

Customization will still be possible after your Hero is staked, and it will change which equipment is staked to that Hero!

Hero Stamina Recharging

Heroes use Stamina to fight and defeat Monsters! A change that we’ve implemented here is that we’ve removed the failure chance from fighting Monsters. There is already a lot of RNG involved in obtaining Monsters (more on that soon!) and we felt it was adding a lot of layers of complexity to balancing loot rewards, so we’ve done away with that aspect. So Heroes don’t fail, but the loot that you obtain from Monsters has loot tables and that aspect of randomness is still intact!

Hero Stamina will always recharge to whatever the current maximum of your Hero is, based on their current equipment. This makes it most effective to have a full set of armor for your Hero that matches their rarity! There is also an extra bonus stamina awarded to Heroes when they do have a full set, making this even more impactful! Hero Stamina Recharge Costs by Rarity is shown in the following table:

Hero Stamina Recharge Table (By Rarity)

Note: A hero can only recharge their stamina once per 24 hour period. A hero cannot be unstaked until 24 hours after recharging their stamina.

Hero Stamina Amounts (and Equipment!)

Heroes have a base stamina per rarity and then also gain some Stamina per equipped gear! There is a minor bonus for equipping a full set of your highest rarity possible for that hero (example, a rare hero with a full set of rare armor). A hero can equip 11 different equipment at once. Use the following table for reference:

Base Stamina and Equipment Bonus
Bancroft, the Thief Mythic Set (11 equipment pieces + hero)

Note: Full set bonus counts using highest rarity, not matching pieces.

Hero Stamina Use per Monster (~10 possible fights daily)

Heroes use Stamina for each Monster they fight, including their free Daily Monster and Boss Monster (more below!) based on the rarity of the MONSTER!

Each Hero can only fight a Monster that is vulnerable to their Hero Class and is of equal rarity or below their Hero Rarity! Based on this system, a Hero is intended to be able to fight about 10 Monsters matching their rarity each day, if they are using all of their stamina! If you have all of your matching equipment, your bonus actually allows you to fight 11 Monsters matching your rarity each day!

See the following table for stamina cost per monster fight:

Stamina Cost to Fight Monsters (By Rarity)

Obtaining Treasuresource & Runesource

How do I get Treasuresource (Tsource)?

Treasuresource (fungible tokens) will be obtained by turning Wealth points from your Vault into Tsource with the help of a Royal Seal!

Pre-Launch and Post Launch Source of Wealth: Loot NFTs (Use the website to convert your loot NFTs into Wealth points)

Post-Launch Source of Wealth: Opening Monster chest rewards from battles deposits wealth points into your game record on our smart contract (Known as your “vault”)

You’ll convert Wealth points in your Vault into Tsource FT at the following conversion recipe:

  • 2500 Wealth + 1 Royal Seal into 2500 Tsource.

You can also export the Wealth into NFTs with their base minting cost if you like (similar to how you can export Fine Wood or Metal into NFT stacked form if you want to trade them on Atomic Hub or other marketplaces!)

Individual Values for Wealth from monster chests, by Rarity:

Wealth is obtained by defeating monsters and opening their reward chests

How do I get Runesource (Rsource)?

Runesource will continue to be provided to Explorer’s Guild owners when crafting land packs, and when using the Blacksmith’s Guild to reforge equipment into higher tier rarities! Based on the current numbers, however, we’re going to also need another provider of Runesource to meet the community’s needs, as well as give a simpler option for newer players to obtain it.

That is where the Alchemist comes in! The Alchemist is the “Runesource Crafter’’ of Castles NFT, who works much like other crafters in the game already do, giving you the ability to claim Rsource daily in exchange for a weekly recharge cost. The details of the recharge cost and daily output are here:

  • Recharge Cost: 200k Msource, 1 Royal Seal per week
  • Output Daily: 30–40 Runesource (245 average per week)

The details on how to obtain Alchemists are forthcoming.

Monster Tomes, Recharging, and Pack Odds

Monster Tomes are a fundamental part of the Dungeons Rising expansion, where players not only control the Heroes, but players control the creation of the Monsters they fight too!

Monster Tomes have undergone quite a bit of revision behind the scenes, but we have settled on a system that both makes sense and should be familiar for Castles’ players! Also it is worth noting that there is a large difference between the 3 rarities of Monster Tomes, rather than just a cosmetic difference as we had suggested before. You’ll want to use the Tome or Tomes that are best suited for your Heroes or your chosen goals in Dungeons!

Monster Tomes are going to function like crafters, with a weekly recharge cost and a daily output! The output from Tomes are Monster Packs, which of course contain Monsters. Each day when you claim a pack, you’ll have a chance to get different packs from your Tome, and within each pack is 3 Monsters of varying rarities and Hero Class vulnerabilities, which may mean that there will be a lot of trading involved for players who are specializing in a single Hero type!

Monster Tome recharge costs and daily outputs are available in the following table:

Monster Tome Daily Minting Odds. Listed by tome type, cost to recharge and pack rarity odds.

Monster Pack Odds

Understanding what pack you’re getting from each Tome daily is only half the battle, you have to know what is contained in each pack! As mentioned before, each pack contains 3 Monsters, regardless of pack rarity. These Monsters have equal chances per Hero Class vulnerability, so no particular Hero has an intrinsic advantage over another.

Use the Following Table to Reference What Monsters Come from What Packs:

Columns to the Right are Referencing the Rarity per Monster in a Pack

Getting Monster Tomes

The first supply of monster tomes will be a Wax sale, likely in early October.

The lifetime supply of monster tomes will be limited based on ecosystem needs. More details on earning new monster tomes is forthcoming.

Killing Monsters and obtaining Rewards

Monster Battles (Daily, NFT, and Bosses!)

Aside from looking amazing with their customizable appearances based on equipment, Heroes primary use is to fight and kill Monsters. There are three types of battle that a Hero can perform: Daily Monster battle, NFT Monster battle, and Boss battle!

The “Sawscale” monster and hero vulnerability type (Luna)

Daily Monster battles are a system of “free” battles that each Hero can do once per day. This battle does require Stamina, but it does not require an NFT Monster! The daily battle that a Hero can do will always allow them to fight a Monster of equal rarity to their Hero, but the daily battle has reduced rewards compared to NFT battles and Boss battles.

NFT Monster battles make up the vast majority of battles that a player can do if they wish to use all their stamina each day, since a player can only do their daily battle once per day. NFT Monster battles are technically unlimited, but you can of course only battle as many as you have the stamina to do at one time! The loot from NFT Monster is quite a bit better than the loot from the daily monster, too! You can battle an NFT Monster of any rarity equal to or lower than your Hero’s rarity.

Boss: Every 15 battles (of equal rarity to your Hero) earns you a boss battle! Daily battles and NFT monster battles are counted in this number. (Note 10/06/2022: Previously it was a weekly timer. The timer has since been removed in favor of a persistent counter that does not reset).

Raids: More info coming TBD.

Equipment Fragments

In the loot tables further in the article, you’ll find “equipment fragments” listed in certain areas. These fragments are blended together, with no other requirements to the blend but fragments. This is the best way for us to avoid having too much equipment in circulation while also breaking loot tables up without having incredible amounts of variance in the outcome.

You need 5x equipment fragments of the same rarity to create one Hero Equipment NFT, which can be any of the 11 slots of that rarity for any of the three Heroes!

Hero Fragments

In the same vein as equipment fragments, rather than making drops of new Heroes extremely rare, we’ve opted to go with a Hero Fragment system that will allow players to combine fragments to create a new, random Hero of matching rarity! We believe this will be the best way for groups to work together to speed up or sell their progress towards new Heroes.

To create a new random Hero, you’ll blend together 30x hero fragments of the same rarity!

Obtaining your Loot (& loot tables!!)

One of the major issues we had to solve when designing the system was keeping CPU costs for players from getting out of hand! When designing the battle process, we found that spending stamina, burning the Monster, and then minting the loot from the Monster was simply too many actions for the contract to handle — the CPU cost of doing all that at once was going to be extraordinary! We’ve opted to go another route to save a lot of resources for players by having players claim their loot separately and on their schedule, which allows you to fight all your Monsters at once and worry about their loot afterwards, or even another day if you’re short on time.

When a player defeats a Monster, an appropriate Monster Loot chest is tabulated on the gaming smart contract and awaits for you to “claim” the rewards. These chests will not be exported as NFTs, although some of the rewards from opening them may be NFTs (such as hero or equipment fragments!)

Because there are many loot tables, we’re breaking them up below! Here’s a quick explanation of how to interpret them!

  • Daily Monster rewards are represented in the first table — One reward per Monster!
  • NFT Monster rewards are the second table, PLUS the reward from the first table in the same rarity column — NFT Monsters will give two rewards per Monster!
  • Boss rewards are the final table, which will include the rewards from BOTH of the previous tables —Bosses give three rewards per Monster!

Note: Daily and Boss chest type is determined by hero rarity (A common hero earns a common reward chest daily, etc). NFT Monsters reward chests matching the monster rarity.

Hero Blending — Unlocking in Stages

Heroes can be blended together into higher rarities, with limitations! You will also use Royal Seals when you blend the Heroes. Previously we had a system where Enchantment Stones were used to blend heroes, but we have made some changes to Monster Tomes and the Enchantment Stones were no longer a necessary part in the ecosystem, and Royal Seals fits into this role nicely instead.

Combine the same hero types and in exchange you will get a +1 rarity version of that hero. These blends will unlock in stages, but blending from Common to Rare is likely to be available right away. There will be no way to upgrade to Legendary or Mythic Heroes by combining heroes! Legendary or Mythic Heroes can only be obtained via fragment blends.

Hero blending may be limited in stages or quantity

Hero Scarcity

The cost to craft heroes, especially rarer ones, will increase over time (essentially, the amount of fragments required to craft new heroes will increase.)

The first Mythic Hero checkpoint (fragment cost increase) will occur at 90 mythic heroes crafted.

More specifics on hero scarcity coming later.

Starter Heroes — Simpler Play Option

Starter Heroes are $10 easy-entry point into the Dungeons Rising experience! They can battle once per day in a style similar to our ‘Daily Monster’ battle outlined above, but with lesser rewards. They can also only be used 30 times and then cannot be recharged! You’ll need to get a new starter hero if you want to continue! You can have multiple starter heroes if you so desire. Starter Heroes also get access to a “Boss” battle that they do on a numerical schedule rather than a uniformed date. Every 10th battle will feature a boss battle that gives extra rewards, so over the life of a starter hero, they get to do a total of 3 boss battles.

More information about starter heroes, their loot tables and gameplay will be forthcoming as we get closer to launch. They’ll be an easy way for a player to come experience the game, but will lack much of the exciting gameplay and customization options that our regular NFT Heroes have access to!

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That’s it for now! We’re sure there will be lots of questions! Feel free to join us in Discord and ask away!

Website: https://castlesnft.io

Discord: https://discord.gg/msource

YouTube: Metasource Games — YouTube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/castlesnft

White Paper: https://bckteam1.gitbook.io/metasource-and-castles/



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