Warship Build 22 — Congress Frigate

Although there are several types of warships in the BattleTech universe, the division between them is sometimes blurred, defined mostly by tonnage than design. But this is not always the case, hence why I classified the Congress-class as an escort, although it shares the same tonnage of vessels I described as capital ones in the past.

Presented with a fleet of outdated escort vessels by the early 26th century, the Terran Hegemony decided to develop a new warship meant to replace the older hulls and also perform secondary duties as a scout. The result was the Congress. Fast, well-armed, and equipped with an array of advanced sensors, the new vessel turned out to be a success.

In fact, the Congress turned out to be so reliable and well-designed that it would outlive the faction that created it, eventually becoming a mainstay in the Clanner and ComStar fleets.

This is yet another simple model, made of 56 parts plus the base. I bring it to you in Clan Ice Hellion colors, as they are seldom seen.

This is actually a model that took me months to get right. As I sometimes do, I’m using the Delranes Fighting Ships fan-made TRO as a source of inspiration. The Congress we see there is exquisite. But the general shapes weren’t really easy to duplicate in construction bricks. I erased two or three almost-complete attempts before giving it a final go and finally getting it. Nevertheless, I still think the mid-section sides are still a bit frail, so be careful when manipulating the real-life thing.

Let me know how it fares, though. Would love to see your takes on it and other builds I’ve shared.



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Francisco Duarte

Francisco Duarte

I’m a sci-fi and fantasy author who wrote for several game IPs and penned “Heather: a kaiju novel.” You can buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com/metastablemachine