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TLDR: You won’t want to miss it.

Hello frens, have a warm welcome from the Meta Surfers team! 🏄 We are beyond excited to give you full insights of everything we are not only planning, but which we are already getting our hands dirty to make it happen. And let’s be honest, we are not the type of project that wants to overpromise, but neither do we want to under promise, because even if we’d love to talk about what we would like to do for the next 10 years within the Metaverse, let’s keep it short and sweet for the meanwhile while we develop our bigger version.

First thing is first, you might be asking yourself; what the heck are the “Meta Surfers”? Easy put, they are explorers of both the universe & the metaverse. Simply said; they started as surfer aficionados, and ended up, well, on an endless series of unexpected adventures through both physical & digital parallel universes. The full news on this group of surfers can be found here.

Meta Surfers generative NFT-PFP launch & full IP ownership + royalties to owners on all lifetime distributed merch & media.

Have you ever thought about owning a piece of a brand and being paid for owning it? Thanks to decentralization, this is now possible. You are free to use your NFT and brand it around anything you want, except illegal stuff of course. We will also distribute royalties/dividends generated from all life time merch & media, either in BTC or ETH.

Secret Competition Mode is Unlocked

Well, as it’s stated, it’s a secret, at least for now. All we can is that you’ll love the minting process free of gas wars.

Weekly exclusive community challenges & giveaways

Nothing fancy here, just fun community organized challenges & giveaways of free Meta Surfers merch + extra goodies.

Official Community Owned Merch Store + Meta Studio Shop (WEB 3.0 eCommerce store)

What is Meta Shop & Meta Studio?

Meta Shop is the first community owned web 3.0 merch store, meaning a percentage of all the sales we make from our sold merch, will go back to the community.

As for Meta Studio, it’s a new concept to allow creators to be part of an online studio and let people create customized products around their NFTs with verified ownership. Example: If you want to squeeze your NFT IP rights, you’ll go into Meta Studio and create you’re own products from a selection of curated craftsmen's, from rugs, to canvas & much more.

➣ You own your domain, your analytics, your traffic, your targeting, your sales, your inventory. Want to create a blog & monetize it within your micro site or show off your whole customized NFT merch? You can do that too. Essentially, a web 3.0 Etsy eCommerce store.

◉ Your website, your data.
◉ Monetize your NFTs IP.
◉ Monetize your traffic.
◉ Own your website, own your rights.
◉ Completely decentralized.

Community Owned NFT Blue Chips Vault with Rental/Loaning Protocol

If you ever wanted to be part of other NFT Blue Chips ecosystem, this is a unique approach that will allow you to. In partnership with ReNFT, we will be working together to implement the right solution to offer renting capabilities to our community members without collateral (only hodlers).

So, let’s say the community decides that a percentage of the community fund is destined towards buying other NFT Blue Chips, such as some Bored Apes, these Bored Apes will be rented out for free to selected community members through either a cycle process by taking equative renting turns, with the idea of allowing as many community members as possible to also have access to the Bored Apes ecosystem at least once throughout the year, without any collateral. Let’s go more in depth with this, taking the BAYC ecosystem as an example:

➣ BAYC hosts an event in NYC/Miami? — Rent a bored ape for free from the community owned NFT Blue Chips vault & attend the event.

➣ BAYC launches a members exclusive competition game? — Rent a bored ape from the vault and access the competition.

➣ BAYC launches exclusive members only merch? — Rent an ape and get yourself some bored ape merch, or we’ll collectively buy the merch by using the bored apes on hold in the community vault & raffle it between all community members.

Other use cases as well would be:

➣ BAYC does an Airdrop? All airdropped assets will be raffled between all unique holders or made available for rent as well from the rent vault.

➣ Allow the whole community to collectively brand a community owned ape around it’s IP (This is the first time we are seeing Community Owned IP Rights on Digital Assets — You can use all the community owned NFTs with CC0 Rights to create a brand around them, example: Create Bored Apes, Cool Cats & Meta Surfers figure packs & sell them on Amazon)

➣ If BAYC launches a token and it generates x amount of tokens x month — we’ll allocate all of the gains back to the community fund or distribute it among hodlers.

➣ Meta Surfers launches a Metaverse game? Imagine surfing with your Meta Surfer, along with a Cool Cat & a Bored Ape in the Metaverse, or creating multiplayer competitions as well.

And you’ll also be able to rent out your Meta Surfer to outside members, but the NFT Blue Chips from other projects will only be rented out to community members that own a Meta Surfer NFT.

We have already made sure everything of the above is completely possible, so be rest assured. We’ve already talked with the guys at @renft who have already built some incredibly tech to make NFT rentals possible, so it’s a no brainer, and we’ll work together with them for a customized collateral-free integration.

Interactive Beach Lighthouse is revealed

A Lighthouse?? You may ask. Well, yes, lighthouses always harbor secret mysteries to be revealed, can you guess what it is about? Ping us a Discord in the giveaways section and if you’re the first to guess correctly, we’ll hook you up with a surprise.

First Mysterious Airdrop from another dimension

Ohhhh, we are full of mysteries, just like the Meta Surfers themselves. You’ll surely want to keep an eye on your wallet for this secret airdrop. Can’t say more, at least for now. 🤐

In-Game Liquidity Pool

We all like to swim, but what’s better than swimming? Swimming in gains baby! Essentially, we are looking to implement a liquidity pool so you can stack your Meta Surfers and earn rewards, but also make it interactive, so the liquidity pool would be embeded inside an interactive minigame. More on this down the road.

Online Virtual Beach Club coming in Q3 2022.

And the star of the show, the first 3D virtual beach club of the Metaverse, look it as a small online virtual world to hang out & chat with your Crypto, NFT or Metaverse friends + wrapped together with interactive assets & experiences. The blueprint for this is ready and just a matter of time so we can properly execute it and deliver accordingly.

Community Funds & Additional DAOs Utility:

All secondary market royalties (5%) will go back to the community fund.

Additionally to the consideration of buying NFT Blue Chips from the community fund & allocating them to be used by the community, we’ve also looked into implementing the first community owned car collection.


1.- Let’s say we buy a Tesla X from the community fund that will be available to drive 2 times x week throughout the year in Miami. Someone who owns a Meta Surfer NFT visits Miami (maybe for Art Basel).

2.- You’ll go to MPH Exotic Car Rentals in Miami, verify ownership of your NFT & gain access to drive the community owned Tesla X for 1–2 days, free of cost.

All cars will be wrapped with the community owned NFTs (imagine: a Tesla X wrapped with the Meta Surfers, Bored Apes & Cool Cats while rolling in the streets of Miami). Free exposure to the ecosystem!

  • Maintenance & management fees would be paid from the community fund.

As for the community owned car collection integration, we took a look into this with the guys at MPH Exotic Car Rentals in Miami to offer any of the community members access to rent out the community owned vehicles through their Vehicle Management Program (essentially, they will take care of managing car rentals for anyone who visits Miami & wants to rent out one of the Meta Surfers Community owned cars — by previously verifying ownership through an app such as

The idea is to eventually expand this concept with a fleet of community owned exotic cars and even real estate properties across the world through the first community owned IRL assets that functions as a DAOs.

Essentially, instead of a single person owning something, an entire community owns it.

And if you thought this is everything we have in house, well it’s not, but it’s certainly what we feel comfortable with announcing for now and certainly what will keep us busy for a while. We will also progressively notify the community of all additional announcements that are planned for the foreseeable future.

We are definitely excited for this tropical and universal journey and look forward for you to join us! Welcome to the Meta Surfers ecosystem.

~ The Meta Surfers team 🏄🏄🏄



Meta Surfers

We are building the first surfing/tropical beach brand of the Metaverse 🌴🌊. Next-Gen NFT Utility.