Digital makeover for Oxfam

A Saturday afternoon visit to the local Oxfam shop is not our cup of tea. We do like the concept of fair trade, but Oxfam’s rather old-school way of promoting and selling doesn’t really match our daily life. That’s why we came to help, and got this fair trade thing rolling.

The first digital sale

We were convinced we could increase Oxfam’s digital relevance and visited them with some well-defined ideas. This first meeting got the project on track: we already set up the Metatalk-Oxfam team and settled around one solid ambition: establishing the first online sale for Oxfam.

Experience instead of products

We did not want to put emphasis on the products. Except for the fair trade label, Oxfam’s products look very similar to their peers at the ordinary local supermarket. Yet, Oxfam has many more inspiring stories to tell, and so we decided to focus on experience: Oxfam = enjoying fair trade artisan goods together.

Creating special moments on Father’s Day

At, you can now order a special moment for your father: choose the experience your father likes best and personalize the package the way you want. The whole process is digital, and the box will be delivered to your door. That’s fairly new for Oxfam!

You can choose out of three experience-based packages:

  • Coffee moments: for an afternoon get-together
  • Appetizer sensations: some fine wine tasting
  • Green thumbs: get your garden going!

Check out the whole campaign on

Our network of freelancers

We keep our inhouse team is as small as possible. Instead, we prefer to work with a large network of trusted and focused freelancers. In every project, we partner with these freelancers as a real team.

This project was created with the help of Renaat Nijs (photography) and Dirk Bonhomme, a senior webdeveloper (who also has a lead development role in the Sparkcentral team).

Pay with a digital signature

One of the startups at our co-working office is Sign2Pay. As we were talking to their team about the Oxfam project, we realised that a digital signature for payments would be a nice feature in the Oxfam order process to increase conversion.

Things we learned

  • Emphasizing that much on photography in your project requires many iterations of testing until you achieve the right setting.
  • The Oxfam marketing and operations team were much more capable and helpful than we thought a large ngo would be.
  • We totally underestimated the amount of Photoshop afterwork hours needed to improve the product pictures.
  • 24 hours is an incredibly short period if you want to design, photograph and develop a whole campaign. You simply can‘t over-prepare the script, because the to-do’s will keep on coming.