Everything You Wanted to Know About NightVerse.game Telegram AMA

5 min readSep 22, 2022

NightVerse.game had an AMA (Ask Me Anything)session on our Telegram channel. After the ZKT and MetaTube hack incident, the management came together to find a solution that would work best for their users. We have decided to combine the two technologies along with other features and present a brand new, Nightverse.game to our users. Hence, the reason for this AMA.

The format of the AMA will be as follows

1) We will post a set of questions and answers that were asked by the community

2) We will open the chat for the community to ask questions. Each member can ask one question and please don’t repeat questions. All members are requested to be respectful and ask relevant questions that are pertaining to the benefit of all.

After each question and answer, we will give the community enough time to answer.

Here comes the questions asked during the AMA session alongside the answers:

What has Nightverse.game got to do with ZKTube?

After our hacking incident, we wanted to give back to the community more than they anticipate. We understand the incident must have caused inconvenience for users. However, merging technologies is common to bring more utility to a token. Hence we decided to combine layer2 and gaming to bring you an environment where users are able to thrive.

What is the benefit of the Nightverse.game?

We boast high-earning opportunities like Play-To-Earn and Play-To-Move. Furthermore, users can trade their valuable in-game digital assets. items and collectibles as NFTs in our marketplace with unique NFT standards unlike any before.

What is the token of Nightverse.game?

The native token is NVG which will replace the current tokens that you hold.

Our tokens in the wallet disappeared. When and how can we see it again?

Due to the Hack, it is not available as we are upgrading the wallet for security reasons. The tokens will be made available in any Ethereum-supported wallet such as Metamask for which we will inform the users in advance.

Why is ZKT wallet not available for iPhone users?

We are working on the wallet update and will inform the community about the iPhone issue. Until then, users can use any Ethereum-based wallet such as Metamask.

Where will NVG be launched?

NVG will be relaunched on the same exchanges as ZKT token (Kucoin and Gate.io) which are major exchanges.

When will NVG be launched?

Before the 30th of September 2022. We are working very closely with the exchanges and our team is working very tirelessly to ensure everything is completed on time.

At what price will the token be launched?

While market prices are always subject to supply and demand as well as the trading volume and outside conditions, we will launch the price at the pre-hack price. Between 2 to 4 dollars.

How will our tokens be swapped to NVG?

Users will be informed to swap their tokens to NVG through their Ethereum-based wallets. Any other instructions will follow and we will give the users enough time to SWAP.

What will be the ratio of swapping tokens?

1 ZKT = 1 NVG

100 MTT = 1 NVG

What will happen to the tokens which are in Gate.io and Kucoin?

We are working closely with the exchanges and users will be informed to swap those tokens to NVG

When will this swap happen?

At least 4 to 5 days before the listing. Even if the listing is delayed, we will make sure the users swap in advance which is more important.

What will happen to the whitelist ZKTR? Will ZKTR users also receive NVG tokens?

Yes, ZKTR will also receive NVG tokens as per the ratio of 1:1

How many team members are handling the NVG project?

We have hired immensely in the last few days and are a team of over 50 staff who are working closely to bring you an exciting and rewarding game

What else will we get from the Nightverse.game?

All holders of NVG tokens will be eligible for NFT airdrop in the coming months.

Where will these NFTs be traded?

The NFTs are tradeable in our marketplace. Users could decide to move these NFTs to other marketplaces.

When will the mining machine start?

The mining will start around the same time frame as the token listing. However, the important thing is to ensure existing tokens are replaced

When will the previously purchased mystery box be released?

The mystery box is not important at the moment. We will see these issues after the main issues are solved. The Roadmap will be provided on the website and whitepaper.

What will be the Launch price?

People, who have ZKT in Kokoin, without doing anything, will their tokens be automatically converted into NVG and will be tradable?

I don’t know the swapping method. Could you guide us through. a video or do it automatically in exchange?

SWAPPING — Already answered. Further instructions will follow. Thank you for your suggestions. There will be a medium article to explain the procedure.

Can the exchange hold coins for NFT airdrop?

The mystery box is not important at the moment. We will see these issues after the main issues are solved. The Roadmap will be provided on the website and whitepaper. We will inform the members about the NFT airdrop process well in advance.

Why is the ratio for MTT tokens less?

The ratio is lower due to token supply. 90% less.

Why will we place our trust in you after changing the roadmap of the token[ZKT] without prior notice to the community?

It was due to the hacking incident. We were able to quickly take action, and make a new roadmap, new utility, and a way forward. This should give you confidence in the team and project.

what about those that have staked ZKT originally? Will they wait a year to get these back?

The trading will resume as normal. The only difference is it will be NVG token with much better utility. Even after swapping if there are any technical issues, we will support the community.

It has not been clear if those of us who have the tokens in KuCoin will be swapped automatically so we do not spend on transfer fees.

There will not be an automatic swap for now. If there is an automatic swap, we will inform the users. For now, what steps are needed, we will inform the members well in advance. So the members don’t need to worry about swapping.

Concluding the AMA

This AMA will end shortly. We thank you for your patience, support, and trust. We are working very hard to solve the issues users have faced. Most projects today in the industry do not survive the bad markets. We are surviving and ensuring we give back to the community. It takes a lot of effort, time, and cost to ensure a project survives.

Please note that all token prices in the industry today, even the top coins are down by 90%. Market conditions are out of control for many projects. Those who cannot be patient in a bear market will never have the rewards of the bull market.

Thank you.