2 min readSep 10, 2022

This applies to all ZKT and MTT holders.

After the hacking of the two smart contracts, the ZKTUBE and METATUBE management came together to find a solution that will work best for their users. To ensure proper utility for the tokens and an environment where the users are able to use the tokens, we have now decided to create a new smart contract with new tokenomics.

This is where we announce, the combination of the two technologies along with other features to bring the users —

The rebranding matches our game theme, which represents a Cyber City in the Metaverse.

NightVerse is a giant stride and the right step in facilitating decentralized access to blockchain gaming and web3.

What is NightVerse?

It is a unique RPG Metaverse game with AR and 3D capabilities. Built on Unity and Partnered with Ready Player ME, the game promises a revolutionary gaming experience — high-quality graphics following sustainable initiatives with faster speed and lower costs in comparison to other competitors.

We also boast high earning opportunities like Play-To-Earn and Play-To-Move. Furthermore, users can trade their valuable in-game digital assets. items and collectibles as NFTs in our marketplace with unique NFT standards unlike any before.

The utility token will also be rebranded to NVG.

All affected users will be able to swap their tokens to NVG. More details of the swap will follow.

That is one part of the good news . The second good news is that we will be launching the token on a top exchange within 2 weeks.

We thank you for your patience.