Metauce Mainnet Guide

Metauce P2E

EVA Mainnet:

METIS Andromeda Mainnet:

Metauce P2E video guide:

1.1 Metis Andromeda Mainnet

  1. Connect ‘Metis Andromeda mainnet’ to start Metauce. If you cannot find ‘Metis Andromeda mainnet’, please add by searching in https ://
  2. Log in Metauce. Be sure your MetaMask is under ‘Metis Andromeda Mainnet’.

If you do not own $MINES, please purchase it on NetSwap.

MINES contract address: 0xe9aa15a067b010a4078909bade54f0c6abcbb852


If you do not own $METIS, please purchase it on Gateio or Uniswap.

1.2 Evanesco mainnet

  1. Switch the “Evanesco mainnet” network on Metamask and link to Metauce; if not added, search for “EVA” to add it via

2. View Evanesco mainnet assets. Make sure your MetaMask is under “Evanesco Mainnet”.

3. If EVA.mines token not added, please add the EVA.mines token address on MetaMask. EVA.mines token address will be updated here after launching.

EVA.mines token address: 0x8B090e5C77C4A5d2c168D77A9A493E77f85DCB2D

Steps to import token address on Metamask

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Tip: 100MINES is required for minting NFT; please make sure you have enough balance.

Tip: The MINES collected from Gates Hope –Genesis Land are locked. Deduct it through mint after meeting 100MINES requirement.

Metauce Activities

Metauce Activities

Activities Entry: Find the Activities Entry on Play Page

Metauce’s various activities, click to ‘Claim’

Metauce Staking

Metauce Staking is already here! Metaucians can earn $MINES through Metauce DeFi products which APY up to 513% while immersive experiencing Metauce P2E.We bring 4 staking products for Metaucians: Current Product, Staked 7-day Product, Staked 15-day Product and Staked 30-day Product. Staked 30-day Product has APY up to 513%, boosting your $MINES. ‘Stake Records’ can be checked on the Staking Page, and you can withdraw after it expires directly. More benefit products are on their way, and please stay tuned!

For detailed Metauce staking guide:

Note: Current Product calculates interest by T+1.

Metauce StarField System

  1. Honor achievements show as NFT medals, which is divided into 6 rarities.
  2. All interests corresponding to the honor achievements of adventurers in Metauce world will be reflected and recorded with NFT medals, which also includes the honor achievement evaluation obtained by inviting new adventurers.
  3. The Medal of Honor can be transferred, and the transferred account will get all the honor achievement system of the Medal, as well as the achievement bonus relationship of all invited adventurers. However, any assets under the original account will not be affected.
  4. Only 4 rarities will available during the public beta phase and the beginning stage of mainnet.
  1. All adventurers with NFT medals can complete game tasks to obtain the invitation code, inviting new adventurers. New adventurers will enter the Metauce world with MP, the inviter will obtain the accumulated MP of all code takers’ Trucks.
  2. NFT medal players’ honor achievements are calculated according to players’ MP + total MP of all code takers. Once the total MP reaches the next rarity, the privilege automatically takes effect.
  3. Players of all rarities can quickly obtain achievements and increase MP by inviting new adventurers to participate in the game.

💡For Instance:

User A has a total MP of 100, A invited users B and C. User B has a 60 MP, and user C is 50. Then, user A’s honor achievements = 100 + 60 + 50 = 210

Then user A will advance to Silver Medal Honor Achievement, whose original 100 MP will get an accelerated MP effect of 100 x 1.2 = 120.



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Metauce is a SciFi game-based IGO designed to provide a fun experience by collecting Loot cars and Resources Maps to build new planets searching for $MINES.