Because We Can Do It All, Just Not All Of The Time.


I met up with a fellow friend in the Resistance, and we brainstormed ideas for continuing our activism. It always helps me to talk to fellow activists face to face. We commiserate about trying to do more, but also realize that we are doing the best we can.

I signed a letter to ICE in support of Marisol Gonzales, a Culver City neighbor who is in danger of being deported. She is a law-abiding mother of a student in our school district. Sign it here.

The Harvey Weinstein debacle has been all consuming, and I’ve been reading everything possible about it. When I read that the Producers Guild will be meeting to discuss terminating his membership, I took action (I’ve been a PGA member for years). I emailed the Guild officials and one of the Presidents and asked them to kick Weinstein out of the PGA. Yes, there’s a long way to go to to rid us of these kind of people, but it’s a good start.

I attended the Inauguration ceremony and celebration of my alma mater Pomona College’s 10th President. While this might not be an obvious act of activism, it ended up making me think it was. First, the College has had 9 white male Presidents in 130 years. G. Gabrielle Starr is an African-American woman, so her Presidency is already revolutionary. Second, the ceremony reaffirmed the commitment to education and research and debate and critical thinking. Speaker after speaker, and President Starr herself, made these emphatic points. I find comfort in the ideals of higher education to lead us forward and together. Plus, it’s just so awesome to see a woman become President of something in 2017!

I read about 45’s Executive Order that seems to start the sabotage of the law. Oh God. I don’t know what to do about this, what is a good course of action?

ARTICLES (The All-Weinstein edition)

I’m so conflicted by the media. On one hand, investigative reporters are the ones saving this country right now by reporting on all of the Administration’s malfeasance. On the other hand, some bad apples in the media enabled the predator Harvey Weinstein for decades. I hope the era of the all-powerful producer is over.

As a father of daughters” has become as empty as “Thoughts and prayers”. I’m glad that people are being held to higher standards than proximity to an X chromosome.

Actor/Director Sarah Polley wrote a very thoughtful op-ed about her journey through the Industry. While I never experienced the types of casting couch/Weinstein harassment, much of her experience rings true.


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