Because We Can Do It All, Just Not All Of The Time.


This was a fairly quiet week for me. I was all ready to make calls another possible ACHA vote in the House, but, yet again, the Republicans decided not to vote. Keep vigilant though, this vote seems like the zombie that just won’t die.

Los Angeles — there’s another Day Of Action on May 13, sponsored by Rep. Karen Bass’s Sea Change PAC. The organization sponsors rides to the Antelope Valley where they knock on doors and educate and register voters. I can’t go to this one, but hope to go soon. RSVP here.

I’m really enjoying the Pod Save America podcast. The hosts are former Obama staffers, and they have a smart, witty, and withering look at the current political state. Next week their outfit launches Pod Save the People, a new podcast dedicated to the Resistance movement. Black Lives Matter founder DeRay McKesson hosts.

Breitbart — yeah, still couldn’t bring myself read it. Maybe next week.


Fake News! Continue to spot it and debunk it. Politico has a handy guide to follow.

After 45’s first 100 Days in office, we owe him a big thank you for this.

I love this article! 45 raised millions of dollars for his very sparsely attended Inauguration. Where did all the money come from (and where did it go, which is a whole other story)? Journalist Christina Wilkie crowdsourced investigating who donated, here’s the Google Doc with the results. Shocker: some of the donor names are fake! (Katherine Johnson from NASA most definitely did NOT contribute).

If you want a serious dose of inspiration, read this kick-ass article on Maxine Waters. “Auntie Maxine” does not mess around.


Also a quiet week on the donation front. As I do a few times a year, I donated to my high school, so they can continue their tradition of educational excellence.



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