Because We Can Do It All, Just Not All Of The Time

We are back! After a long, fruitful summer break, PICK AND CHOOSE is back in action. This summer brought highs (the ACHA defeat), lows (the white supremacy surge and tragedy in Charlottesville), and Mother Nature’s wrath (Harvey). I tried to stay engaged by calling my reps and staying up on the issues our country is grapelling with.

As we head into fall, my activism has changed. There are no longer extreme daily emergencies like what happened after the Inauguration. Instead, we have long, tough fights on issues like immigration, climate change, and some political appointments. But really, my attention is on the 2018 midterms and how to help affect change in swing districts.


Our neighborhood Resistance group took the summer off too, and now we are back meeting every month to share stories and encourage activism. This is the time to get serious about volunteering to register voters, or go door knocking on behalf of a candidate you like. Swing Left has a good, comprehensive list of critical districts to swing blue.

I signed up with my college alumni association to support a “Dreamer”, aka a student who is registered under DACA. I will check in with the student and make sure he/she has an attorney, and be a supportive voice for them as they enter an uncertain future.

I donated to Team Rubicon USA for Hurricane Harvey relief. During times of national crisis, charitable giving can be confusing and overwhelming. Charity Navigator can help guide you towards the best organizations.


This excellent Rolling Stone piece looks at the state of progressive activism today. So many people and organizations jumped in after the election, this reports on who is doing what. I love that the energy and activism is still strong and committed.

I’m fascinated by 45’s use of “Whataboutism” to justify his awful positions. It’s a cynical way to make a point, and it’s working with some of his supporters. At least the media is reporting on it and calling it out when they see it.

I listen to The Rachel Maddow Show every morning on my commute in, she gives an amazing overview of today’s issues, including historical context. No one is doing better reporting on the Russia-Trump scandal.

It took me like 2 weeks to read the New Yorker’s deep dive into Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. If you have the time, it’s a very worthwhile read.


The “Letter of the Week” (from the Salt Lake Tribune):

And this made me laugh:

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