Because We Can Do It All, Just Not All Of The Time.

I was all set to write about this weekend’s tweetstorm by our President, accusing President Obama of wire-tapping him, but it’s just so ridiculous and distracting that I won’t give it the space.

What is worthwhile is reading where 45’s crackpot theories come from. Not that I want to give these people more clicks, but try to make your way through the Breitbart article that’s thought to be the inspiration for the Twitter tantrum. I don’t have the emotional energy to listen to Mark Levin’s rant on the subject, but it might be worthwhile to check out. It’s important to know where these things get started, even if reading about it makes me want to throw up.


Last week, I used the 5 Calls A Day app to call about Jeff Sessions, and to ask the DHS to release DREAMer Daniela Vargas, who is in danger of deportation despite the administration’s promises to allow DREAMers to stay in the USA.

I still call my 2 Senators and 1 Representative every day to voice my opinion about anything that seems pressing. Last week it was Russia, Russia, Russia.

This week, it’s time to write postcards! Tell 45 “You’ve Fired”. March 15 is The Ides of Trump, so get together with friends and have a postcard writing party.

Mail your displeasure to:

President (for now) Donald J. Trump
 The White House
 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
 Washington, DC 20500


Keep fact checking against these lies.

On the bright side, maybe the world has stopped paying as much attention to 45’s unhinged, lying rants?


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Kate McKinnon FTW.

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