Something BIG is happening in the Metaverse — Metaverse Invaders

Metaverse Invaders
3 min readFeb 1, 2022

Metaverse Invaders are coming!

Are you ready to take over the Metaverse?


Metaverse Invaders is an interdimensional army chosen by the United Council Members of the Universe.

9,777 talented soldiers were uniquely created and well equipped with tools and weapons.

After successful conquering the new planets we will have available for assignment Lands, Resources, Guilds and a multitude of new perks will be available assignment.

Be a part of this invasion through your PC and your phone!

The Metaverse will belong to Invaders, so the expansion opportunities are near limitless.

Build an Empire and take advantage of these opportunities as we gear up to take over the Metaverse.



Each Metaverse Invader is uniquely generated.

These characters will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

ERC-20 Tokens ($MTIV)

$MTIV Token will be the cryptocurrency of our Metaverse and will come along with the project.

This ERC-20 tokens will be stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each Invader will be rewarded with a number of $MTIV tokens embedded in their metadata. $MTIV tokens will be used in the Metaverse Web 3.0 Interface.

Web3.0 Revolution

Integrating Web3 into Mobile Gaming

We are revolutionising the Internet and the future of gaming as we speak.

As an advanced society, Metaverse Invaders are starting the revolution by integrating its components to Web 3.0.

Our members will be able to navigate on Web 3.0 by using their phones with our Mobile Web 3.0 Interface. This Game will be available on iOS & Android.

Community Driven Metaverse (DAOs)

Metaverse Invaders will have multiple DAOs, called Guilds.

Each Guild will be encrypted in the MetaData of the NFT.

Each DAO will be a team and it will be represented by a distinctive background.

The DAOs will be provided with funds from $MTIV and the teams will have to come together to decide the progress of the Guild and how these funds will be allocated.

Metaverse Invaders will be driven by the community.

The next phase of the universe expansion will be built according to the DAO’s votes. Invaders will if they will continue to conquer the Universe they are in or leave to another Dimension.

The Metaverse will evolve together with the Invaders and their Guilds.

As we are aiming for a fully decentralised community where the team’s involvement will be from a technical point of view only, there will be also votes for the Guild leaders.

Future developments will change everything you knew so far about the possibilities of the web3.





Metaverse Invaders

9.7K Collection / Metaverse / Mobile Web3.0 / DAO / $MTIV