AMA Frequently Asked Questions Issue one With MetaverseMix)

What is MetaverseMix?

MetaverseMix is a metaverse world, that has integrated open blockchain game, a decentralized exchange where participants can provide liquidity in exchange for profits, and a creative NFT market where anyone can become an artist and a collector. It’s a metaverse world that allows all users to explore their creativity and meet people from our physical world. Every user with different preferences and personalities can build their own universe here.

What blockchain is MetaverseMix using?

We’re developed base on BSC chain.

Where can I purchase $Mix token?

After connected with your wallet, you can purchase $MIX at MetaDex, our own decentralized exchange, either with your BNB or other BNB chain-based stable coins.

What can I do with $Mix token?

$MIX token is the only currency in MetaverseMix world. You can either create LP tokens and add them to the Farm, or stake them into your Bank vault. You can use it to purchase or rent Robos from Marketplace, and also spend on upgrading your Robos.

Do I have to own a Robo to join MetaverseMix?

Yes, you do. Users should at least own 1 Robo, it is your one and only avatar in the MetaverseMix world, as well as a pass to experience all the games and features.

Where can I purchase Robos?

There will only be 3300 Genesis Robo being released from our launch sale. Anyone who didn’t get Robo from this, can purchase later from our marketplace or a secondary market.

Why is Genesis Robo so valuable?

Because it’s rarity and special powers. The quantity of Genesis Robo is limited, there are only going to be 3300 of them. Genesis Robo can summon new Robo by pairing with any other Robo, unlike others the times of summoning is infinite.

Can you show us what does Robo look like?

Here is a video for you all to take a glimpse of what the Robos look like.

What is MetaDex?

MetaDex is a decentralized platform for liquidity farming built by our team, which allows users to choose different liquidity pools to deposit funds according to their risk and return preferences. It’s like PancakesSwap on bsc chain.

Since not all NFTs on the marketplace are tradable and have high value, how will Metaverse Mix guarantee that all the NFTs that being created, issued, and traded on its platform are valuable?

First of all, because of the rarity of our Genesis Robo, which is the first collection of NFT we are going to release. It’s going to be a scarce resources in Metaverse Mix, the quantity of it is only limited to 3300. And it has it’s special power that no other Robo can compare, Genesis Robo can summon new Robo by pairing with any other Robo, and the times of summoning is infinite.
Secondly for NFT token to gain it’s value, it has to have multiple adoptions in our crypto world. This is another reason for us to believe why our Robo will be so valuable. Because it’s not just a token, an artwork, but it’s also a must-have ticket to get into the Metaverse Mix world. It’s your one and only avatar in this world to experience the games, to create and collect, to gain more values throughout your experiences.

What is MixLand?

Every piece of the land in Metaverse Mix is represented by its NFT token, called MixLand. MixLand allows users to mine resources, create and host content, or to rent to other users.

What are your security measures adopted from hacking and bugs in smart contract ? Have you conducted any audit to make your smart contract safe?

The auditing of our of code will be conducted by Solidity Finance. Solidity Finance was founded in 2020 and quickly grew to have one of the most experienced and well-equipped smart contract auditing teams in the industry. The result of the auditing will be published before the launch of our Defi features.

Questions and answers from users in the AMA will be shared in the next post.



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