Metaverser Roadmap 2023

3 min readJun 16


With the metaverse potential emerging, Metaverser, one of the leading platforms in this emerging field, is paving the way for a revolution in virtual worlds. Metaverser is on track to introduce ground-breaking features and advancements throughout 2023 with a comprehensive roadmap in place. Here, we will explore Metaverser’s upcoming roadmap, which promises to redefine how we interact, explore, and create in the metaverse.

Q1 2023: Creation

Metaverser began the year with the release of its highly anticipated Game Hub (Season 4), which brings an entirely new level of immersive gameplay to its users. M-Builder Version 1 enables users to design their own virtual spaces, such as offices and homes. In celebration of these milestones, Metaverser hosted an exciting $MTVT Burning event, offering users a chance to make profit off of their investment.

Q2 2023: Innovation

Earlier, Metaverser introduced guidelines for User-Generated 3D Assets, allowing creators to contribute their unique designs to the Metaverser. Alongside this development, Metaverser revealed M-Builder V3 — Game Maker, empowering users to bring their game ideas to Metaverser. The launch of a new game in Game Hub will be expanding the existing collection of games, offering Metaversers fresh and thrilling content to play and earn $BABA. By the end of Q2, Metaverser is aiming to further its reach by the integration of our Bridge to the first scheduled chain. More information about this will be announced shortly.

Q3 2023: Expansion

In the third quarter of 2023, Metaverser is going to focus on diversifying its offerings and enhancing user engagement. By finalizing Miner specifications and optimizing the infrastructure, we provide valuable information about the cost, return profit, and more. Metaverser is going to expand its reach by integrating with additional blockchain networks, ensuring compatibility with a variety of chains. The introduction of the Concert Arena opens up new avenues for live performances and immersive entertainment experiences. To foster user motivation and engagement, Metaverser implements an achievements system, user profiles, and daily missions. Furthermore, the addition of new games in the Game Hub and the introduction of weapon NFT skins increase the variety of experiences and customization options available to users. This eventful quarter is punctuated by yet another $MTVT Burning event.

Q4 2023: Revolution

As the year comes to a close, Metaverser is aiming to deliver on its promises by implementing Miners, further strengthening the backbone of Metaverser. The Asset and Building Marketplace revolutionize the way users acquire and trade virtual assets, creating an active economy within the Metaverser. Metaverser is also going to introduce M1 Car Racing in Sport City, an adrenaline-pumping racing game, and Dune Duel in Desert, a new PvP shooting game inside Sport City, adding even more diversity to Metaverser’s gaming offerings. These two new game features will offer a lot of engagement, and interactions inside Metaverser.
Since transparency is one of our top priorities, we are making our DAO governance transparent by integrating an on-chain proposal system which then they can use to vote and approve new strategies, updates and much more.The year concludes with a final $MTVT Burning event, celebrating the accomplishments and progress made throughout the year.




Metaverser is a virtual world that enables users to have fun while playing inside its metaverse and earn income from different play-to-earn games.