Metaversero is on Medium!

1 min readDec 13, 2021


Start of our Journey

Hello Community.
Welcome to Metaversero!

Metaversero is starting Medium!
Metaverse, the current megatrend, is soaring up high, and Metaversero is following the trend as well!

The Metaversero(MVR) is a compound word of ‘Meta+Universe+Road’, meaning ‘A road to realize the vision to carry out cultural desires by valueing human talents in the virtual and real world’.

We are constructing an ecosystem filled with dream team methods of companies that already acquired the skills and experiences needed to build Metaverse and have their own Metaverse platform.

The Metaversero project aims to present a standardization. This will enable blockchain technology and businesses in various industries to be compatible between each platform through services with one or more metaverse platforms.

The future of the Metaverse is very, very bright, and has a long way to go!

Metaversero has jumped in to create a path for the Metaverse industry.
Join our journey, and follow the trend with us!

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