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You can now use your Coinhub Wallets to play MetaWorld.

1. Download Coinhub Wallet

2. Add MSC Network

3. Add MTW custom tokens.

4. Log in to the game

Contract Addresses for MSC Network:

ISW: 0xbBEC6F8b6B761c6e0E252F07e63F1803D361fB38

ISF: 0x1ED3C1Bffd91CF47b5B43d8Ae0b7ecb1eC41a9b3

ISO: 0x273c0417F4c4A565A4E9a08EF1ab6a119c6B2cB3

Custom Network Info

Network Name: MSC

RPC URL: https://rpc.meta-world.game

Chain ID: 47

Symbol: MTW

URL: https://scan.meta-world.game

Earn, experience and explore at



📣MetaWorld Breaking News📣

INVEST in the MetaSwap Liquidity Pool.

Generate and earn more yield for by adding and investing in the MetaSwap LP.

LP stakeholders will enjoy MTW slippage of 0.3% and Sub coin slippage of 0.3%

LP dividends will be based on the slippage of swap sub-token transactions

Additional MetaSwap Features:
🔹Built-in Exchange
🔹Freely swap tokens and exchange
🔹Built-in Liquidity Pool→Flow Pool
🔹Users add liquidity pools in the form of token pairs
🔹Get Swap transaction fee dividends
🔹Built-in Cross-chain bridge
🔹Freely conduct cross-chain between BSC to MSC → MSC to BSC

At MetaSwap, we ensure low gas fees so that users can earn more from the game. ⛽️⛽️⛽️

Head on to the game at




💻 AMA Announcement

Dear Community, We’re Pleased To Announce AMA With MetaWorld

🕖AMA DATE : 28 May 01:00 PM UTC

Host🎙: @clypto121

Community Admin AIRDROPNESIA

Speaker or Guest Start 🔈: Sussanne Lee (AsiaPac COO of MetaWorld)

🏠 Venue AMA : https://t.me/earlyairdrop88

🎁Total Rewards : 10$ each for 5 best question

There Will Be 2 Segments :

▪️Segment 1: Project Introduction

▪️Segment 2 : Question from members

Requirements :

🔸Join Group & Channel

1. https://t.me/earlyairdrop88


Official community Telegram https://t.me/MetaWorld_Game

📢Official Channel: https://t.me/MetaWorldChannel



Setting Up MSC in TokenPocket

1. Download Tokenpocket and open TP wallet

2. Import your Binance Smart Chain Metamask wallet.

3. Add MTW custom tokens.

4. Click on the wallet and choose manage network to add MSC as custom network.

5. Sync wallets. Choose One-click sync to sync over web wallets to the network. Choose your BSC wallet.

6. Click on Discover and input the link below to the wallet browser: http://swap.meta-world.game/bridge

You must be on your BSC wallet first then click on Discover to to exchange tokens at the Meta-World bridge. Check on the wallet address then exchange tokens to the MSC network.

Contract Addresses of Tokens:

MTW: 0xfCe3EFebC79d21a6B7cc7F3A7216E66e81f4B23B

ISO: 0x3Ee4715054D901945b7D31Fef2CCA8c3EAe30Ac7

ISW: 0xAcBb5a8b97FBE5A5509AaA2F88d3cABAD3d5B943

ISF: 0xb28A55783e383EFc6654c10AD9a219BBf944a942

Custom Network Info

Network Name: MSC

RPC URL: https://rpc.meta-world.game

Chain ID: 47

Symbol: MTW

URL: https://scan.meta-world.game



⚠️MetaWorld Breaking News⚠️

Dear Islanders, Heads up!

We are performing a scheduled maintenance work on the game today at 12:00 PM UTC, May 24, 2022📢

Duration of technical work: 1 Hour

Work to be done will ensure swift transfer of network from BSC to MSC.

Game will be up in no time with more features. Thank you for your continued support. And stay tuned for the new updates of your multiverse virtual paradise.

We will keep you posted and will inform all of you once technical work is completed.⚠️⚠️⚠️

Amazing things are happening at


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@MetaWorld_Game is a gamefi that allows the player to collect, cultivate, play to earn income. An agricultural tool with collection value and will take you o