Why I’m Joining a Blockchain Startup

By Alanna Gombert, CRO

I am proud to announce that I’ve joined MetaX as Global Chief Revenue Officer. You can read the full news here. We will have a lot to discuss in the coming weeks and months ahead but a few initial thoughts…

The Fifth Estate is here. The call for honesty in the advertising industry is deafening, enabled by technology; social media, ads.txt, and now the promise of a fully transparent immutable ledger system governed by…us. Blockchain. An entwined network of private and public blockchain systems will enable companies to maintain intellectual property but answer to the market demand for transparency. The paradigm is shifting.

Blockchain is a powerful tool to help solve our ad supply chain woes. I appreciate the MetaX team’s commitment to fight and uncover harmful experiences in our ecosystem while not sensationalizing their findings. No BS. That’s the mantra. The adToken launch is also intriguing. It sold out in 23 seconds and is steadily gaining traction as a utility coin for advertising. A common utility tool would be useful for our industry.

Find the money, bots (good AND bad), exploits (including Flash — seriously guys, I can’t help you here, stop using Flash), and hacks. Time to clean it up. At least two attacks hit this week. Most media companies do not have the expertise on staff to deal with the evolved technology that will be coming their way. The industry needs to educate and evolve. Now.

We want to work with everyone in the supply chain and help make our industry better. From GDPR to identity to fraud, let us create a stack together that ensures a better future for our market.

Onwards and upwards,