Born and raised

In a small place called the Garden State

Born and raised

By non-natives to the home of the brave

Born and raised

In a place that can only be so grave

Born and raised

By people that kept me sane.

Now I’m not saying that I came from a life of strife,

But the bigotry that’s going on is way too rife.

Muslims, Blacks, and LGBTs

Are only some groups that aren’t Kylie

All this hateful rhetoric,

Got me shooting shots like Shaq shooting bricks

I try to be insightful, Or full in sight

And not get shot like Trayvon in the dark of the night

But there was a time when I had a face-to-face, mano-a-mano

And I was talking to someone that was mi hermano.

For the longest time we were the best of friends,

Minus the r and s, was what he was next

Cause I was told:

“Your people are the reason we can’t bring shampoo on airplanes anymore”

Maybe a run of the mill,

Slip of the tongue.

Givin me mad feels,

Like a bee strung

Now, put in perspective,

But not so selective,

Let’s keep it effective,

But not so elective

Reminisced over it as the years passed by,

Thought nothing of it and just let go.

Then walked into the high,

But man, that was when I felt most-low.

Went through all the usual,

Made some friends, called communal

Hit all the ups and downs

Then a picture of me blowing up town?

This ain’t no Shakespeare or a midsummer’s night dream,

More split than a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream, I scream.

I think I thunk,

Then sank and sunk,

Deep into the chasm, behind the fake costume

Deeper than Drake stuck in Marvin’s Room

9/11, a day we never forgettin’

Left me in a whole new setting.

Done no wrong,

But left lookin’ like King Kong

11/9, a day we all regrettin’

No time for resetting,

Gotta stay strong,

And remind myself that I do belong