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Is Elon Musk Right? What has humanity done for last years?

Where the all humanity is going? Elon Musk said that on his tweet “In a few years, that bot will move so fast you’ll need a strobe light to see it. Sweet dreams…” after Boston Dynamics new robot video. There are more context than these words. Musk is trying to say different things. He warns us a lot. This was one of last warnings;

Transforming Techs

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to tell a distopia or a chaotic story. But in last five years we tried to catch Pokemons under Eiffel or in mosques, cathedrals, sinagogs, gave a lot of “waow”s for new technologies such as AR, VR, Blockchain.

We met with Bitcoin in 2009 but we started to talk about Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2016.

Now we have thousans of altcoins. We all created a new finance market.

In this December, we met with Sophia. The new citizen of Saudi Arabia. She called investers, told herself and her ideas. We all shocked a little right?

Cloud technologies, Boston Dynamics and more..

We also excited with Magic Leap’s video which was uploaded 2 years ago on YouTube.

FAMGA is eating the world!

We all live in FAMGA(Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Apple) world now, mostly.

Smart devices are everywhere, even on our arms! A lot of people try to buy more smarter devices and adapt to new tech gigs. We’re talking Amazon’s Prime Air, drone delivery service.

We have to buy all new things.

We “have to buy” new Apple iPhone, new H&M t-shirts, new Amazon Key or Snapchat’s smart eyeglass. We “have to” share our “best” memories or our latest meal on Instagram, tweet a politic opinion, show our support for any disaster on Facebook. We “have to” join online polls for elections. We have to do something on any new things. Where are we going? We’re also working on more personalized experiences, right?

Now, we don’t share personal things on home with our parents or friends. We choose online platforms to tell things. Millenials are creating vlogs on YouTube. Any new YouTube trend video can change our daily or weekly agenda. We all share our private life and data with our “smart devices”. If you don’t know, you can be shocked if you use Facebook ads targeting. From yearly wage to baby boomers or from actively travelling people to location-based interests. Yes, technology brings us a lot of useful and time-saver things but what is our main use point?


We don’t live on earth anymore. We all created our identities on internet and update it every second, every breath even we sleep. We can share our sleep cycles with apps, right?

Top Silicon Valley bosses are trying to live simple. They rule the world for last five years. If we look for top companies in 2010 we see oil companies and financial corporates. But in 2017 we all see tech companies, FAMGA at the top. They send their children to schools which are non-tech designed. Did you ever think that why?

We’re transforming but we’re not becoming half-robot and half-human. We leave our all humanity processes to smart devices and robots. I guess Musk is trying to say something different. We should think and see what have we done. What we are building.