Meet the MeterQubes team

MeterQubes is a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange built on a robust Ethereum blockchain protocol, providing an array of trading pairs, a secure ecosystem, and a real-time matching system supported by self-learning artificial intelligence.

In light of the current digital economy market, MeterQubes emerges as a demand for an all-in-one decentralized exchange keeps surging. With our well-developed exchange architecture, we aim to finally bring the sought-after liquidity and volume that the majority of crypto traders are yearning for.

The team of blockchain-savvy experts has been established to thrust the MeterQubes platform within the crypto community and finally provide an edge to its traders.

CEO at MeterQubes

Proven track record as a serial entrepreneur having founded 2 companies, generating 1+ million in revenue. Being self-taught in many aspects of business enabled Ahmed to always stay up to date with emerging technologies. Ahmed has been recommended by Oman’s head of government program for startups as a business development and investment consultant. Specializing in blockchain and AI business applications enabled him to launch a decentralized crypto exchange — MeterQubes, featuring secured ecosystem, real-time matching system, and AI.

Managing three individual business entities simultaneously, on top of his advisory, makes Ahmed a prolific entrepreneur. Ahmed has proven his credibility by investing personal funds to get each project he is involved with the up and running, including MeterQubes.

He has been identified and interviewed by Thomson Reuters Dubai for the eCommerce startup as one of 5 top CEOs in Oman in 2018. On top of that, he has participated in public speaking in colleges about entrepreneurship and what it takes to become one. Business media closely follow Ahmed’s achievements in the region.

Fahd is a Technology Leader, Agile Project Manager, Consultant and Architect. He has been working in the Web, Mobility, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning space for over a decade. Permissioned and Public Blockchain Solutions Architectures are his forte. Fahd’s blockchain prowess lies in his proficient command of Hyperledger Fabric, BitcoinCore, Ethereum Smart Contracts, DApps, Crypto Wallets and creating a Token Economy using ERC20 and ERC223 standards. Obtaining some of the most prestigious certificates for smart contracts and blockchain development empowers Fahd to define technical resources and align them with the business needs. Being extremely versatile enabled Fahd to become the Scrum master and to further streamline the complex development techniques necessary for building the decentralized platforms such is MeterQubes.

Chief Trading Strategist at MeterQubes

With an avid technical investment-centric history, Neville has a deep-rooted command of which attributes an avant-garde decentralized trading platform must install to provide a resourceful solution to cryptocurrency traders. Neville will bestow his knowledge of the trading instruments to the MeterQubes exchange so that all traders can migrate easily and enjoy the features they are already familiar with. With his advisory, MeterQubes platform will have the most intuitive user interface and seamless trading funnels.

CIO at MeterQubes

An agile and highly qualified leader in the IT industry, Leyth has put forward great ideas for blockchain security enhancement and stake mining operations. Leyth will employ ample security methods to ensure that the MeterQubes platform is practically impenetrable and make the ecosystem behind the platform reap all the benefits of decentralization. Delegating the oversight of day-to-day IT operations and reporting on the innovations within the field are his strong suit. Working hand-in-hand with other C-level executives, Leyth will apply his proficient knowledge in establishing IT service framework and build a rock-solid infrastructure.

Trade digital assets with an edge — only at MeterQubes.

MeterQubes is a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange built on a robust blockchain protocol.