When Insecurities Threaten Relationships, What Do You Do?
Heidi K. Isern

Finding someone without issues is like finding $100 on the sidewalk. The difference is, is that how much do you want to tolerate in a human being. The problem is, is that everyone puts up a front when you first meet them and they keep their neurosis compartmentalized until you’ve started being together for a significant amount of time when these things start manifest themselves.

Then you are left with the option of either bouncing because these people are just too fucked up with there insecurities that no matter what you say or what you do isn’t enough to overcome them, or you are so emotionally invested that you cannot walk away. Either way, both are toxic and should be avoided and I’d dare say, those kinds of people should be avoided as well.

It is selfish and unhealthy to be an insecure person and drag someone into a relationship with you to dump your insecurities onto.

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