It’s the criminal economy, stupid!
Mark Frauenfelder

So far the totality of who in the Panama Papers is culpable for hiding their IGG (ill gotten gains) is still being unraveled, the one common streak throughout is that it appears so far that the champions of Democratic Socialism and Radical Marxist Progressive Collectivism seem to be at the heart of siphoning money to their own personal coffers. In effect, they’ve proven that their ideologies are nothing more than a fiction. That the ideas behind these political philosophies are bullshit and always have been. That the adherents of such movements are suckers and fools and you’ve been duped by the very people who told you that they are so great.

What’s it feel like to be told day in and day out that you must suffer to share your hard work with others who don’t, but live among you, only to see your ‘leaders’ utterly steal it from you anyway and move it offshore for their own personal use? You feel like a dupe? A dope? An idiot? You should, because you signed on to believe the lies and swallowed them whole, hook, line, and sinker with your eyes wide open asking for more. This folly is being regaled to us by idiots like Bernie Sanders who want to repeat the same BS, but on a much larger US stage. Please don’t fall for it, but I suspect you will because deep down in your DNA, you have the idiot sucker moron dopey gene.

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