Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

So let me understand this. Because of the way you dressed and acted, you garnered sexual attention from mere admiration, to ogling, to predatory sexual attention. So this behavior illicited these responses and yet, you didn’t realize that at your young age, but now in your older age, I’m assuming you do. Remember, you proclamation of empowerment to be who want to be carries a responsibility, no? Like yelling fire in a theater will illicit a specific response, so does your behavior as a women in how you dress, project yourself, and your attitude. The same goes for boys/men. They don’t get a pass either. All I’m saying is that to simply indict men for their behaviors for how you behave is an intractable circumstance beyond your control, but you can be the one in control. You don’t want to be treated like an object, then don’t act like one. Don’t want men to view you as a piece of meat, then go to a place where men don’t do that. Can’t find one, then change your behavior. This goes for the guys reading this too. You aren’t innocent, you aren’t feeble. You aren’t a base animal that follows his desires like a lecherous pig. You make the choices to act like one. Stop treating women poorly.

That said, we still have a long way to go, when street culture still views these roles between males and females in this way. Hunter/hunted, predator/prey. male/female. But do not indict men in this regard. Badu comes from the afrocentrist mentality, and in that mentality there is a type of chaste streak that runs in her thinking in how women/girls should present themselves as a matter of modesty and not attract the unwanted attention of men who would predate them. Her backpeddling, notwithstanding, and the fact that she never had to say a thing, her idea isn’t dangerous or new, but it is a different form of empowerment. Where you, as a woman empower your behavior to shape the behavior of others through how you project to the world your attitude, your style, your dress, your speech, your thoughts and ideas. There are numerous examples of people, who’s characters and roles illicit different responses in behaviors. Yours should be no different.

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