Dear Justin (an open letter explaining Rape Culture to a Facebook Bro)
Zaron Burnett III

The concept of a rape culture, to me is frankly insulting. I’m being tacitly and implicitly implicated by the sheer association of being a man, that I am a part of the rape culture. There is no such thing as a rape culture in the US. None. There are crimes of rape and sexual assault that take place indeed, but there is no tradition of rape as a function of it being a sanctioned institution with our culture. The idea that anyone would propose such a thing is not only ludicrous, asinine, and idiotic, but short sighted and simply wrong.

You want to see what rape culture looks like, then go to the middle-east and get a taste or to some European Muslim enclave and see what happens. Those are rape cultures. We don’t have roving bands of men in our country wantingly and systematically hunting down and raping women and I assure you if there was such a thing, other men would shut that shit down in a heartbeat.

So with all due respect to what you think you believe about rape culture, you are simply wrong and the more you say it, doesn’t make it true.

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