How You Are Failing Trans People of Color
hafsa musa

Why am I obligated to support you for the sheer sake of your mere existence? You set up a strawmen of guilt in that if we don’t support you we are complicit in the support of the oppressive structure you highlight and if we do support it, we get what? A cookie? A pat on the head for doing what you believe is the right thing? What?

It’s an all or not proposition and I ask you why I should support that. You foist your SJW lexicon at us as if you think it will mean something. You point the fingers of blame everywhere else but back in the direction it came from. I’m not blaming you for who you are. Be who you want, but don’t come at me with a demand that I support you or else. Two words come to mind when presented with this kind of rhetoric, Fuck You. You want to win hearts and minds, then just live your life like anyone else does without the overburdening layer of the faux oppression you think might be there because people don’t see things quite your way. Let’s see how far your request gets you in the DPRK, Iran, China, India, Russia, Pakistan, or any several other countries that would devour you for simply being who you are.

Count yourself lucky that you live in a country that in it’s declarations of freedom and liberty have given you the tools to express yourself freely in the way you are now, but also with the knowledge that I’m allowed to wholly reject your demands without being labelled as something less because I don’t care for your tone, your demands, and how you’ve structured your argument to ascribe blame.

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