Forex Trading Without Hesitation Or Bias

Today, I myself have learned a great deal about the method and levels I trade with. Even with the bleak news out of Europe this morning the trading levels established trades minutes after the US open.

It was very hard to put confidence in taking the sell line confirmation trades as the European markets already dropped significantly. Well the call on confidence got in the way of having a fantastic trading day.

Yes, you don’t trade news but the US open was after the matter of news so that is not an excuse. To put a finger on it fear of losing is the culprit. I always go back and study the probably outcomes and targets getting filled extremely out weight your stop loss getting hit.

If my trading at the confirmation lines to targets are more profitable than overall losses why the hesitation? The billion dollar question!

All I can say is you learn and adapt from your mistakes and you make the adjustment necessary. I myself moving forward will not hesitate or have bias when a confirmation sell or buy line executes even in the aftermath of news outbreaks.

Today’s trades from confirmation buy and sell lines produced over 130 pips. Something to think about over the weekend. Nah, as I tell everyone — there will always be an opportunity to trade. See you Monday!