Trading Forex

Its started a little over 12 years ago when my passion for trading was discovered. A co/worker friend introduced me to forex. I never even heard of it, yet knew what is was.

He would show me his results everyday and he basically had three temperaments. When he was walking around happy I knew he was doing well. When he was quiet and reserved I knew he wasn’t. Then of course when he was yelling at staff all the time I knew he was holding a position.

I started to notice his happy days started to be consistent and it got my attention. After a few months he finally talked me into trying it. Working in some big kitchens here and abroad gambling is second nature and I thought sure just another gamble, why not. Boy did that kitchen become hell when my friend and I were not doing well in the markets. Staff really got ran over by two maniac trading chefs.

But I was instantly hooked and it eventually took over my life. Trading was everything even though at that time I didn’t really have a great understanding of it. After of about two years of winning and losing, buying BS indicators and gadgets I was about to give up.

Out of nowhere I met a client at a restaurant I was working at in New York, he was a floor trader at Nymex. I began to tell him my story and at the end of it I was just laughed at when I told him how I trade.

He persuaded me to begin to trade the futures markets such as crude oil which became a new passion and still is. He began to teach me a method based on time and to trade for the market direction. Look for the the cookie not the crumbles I was told.

I modified this method to fit my own trading style and implement it daily in the crude oil and the emini market but on a position basis. I truly began to notice that the in and out trades during the day was just me fighting the fight and the position trades held for direction would reap the benefits even with sustained losses.

I always watched and traded the forex markets but at the beginning of this year I went back and took a real hard look and I adjusted my method to trade it. I was floored of how well it is working. I just recently began to think about how it would be more risk and cost effective trading forex compared to futures for members and traders just starting out. Forex has low risk amounts possible with the liquidity needed to trade allowing anyone a chance to participate.

Futures require daily risk levels that very few retail traders today are willing to put up on a daily basis. This is why I made this decision trade and track my progress as a full time forex trader.

You can join me on a daily basis in my forex trading room and trade with me. I’m even developing a signal service through metatrader 4 that will auto trade for you. Come check out my progress and performance and see if what I do interest you to join me.