Controlling Your Child’s iPhone & iPad With Ease

“Lilia, it’s time for dinner.” I politely call to my daughter on the second floor. There’s shuffling on the floorboards but no response. So, I grab my trusty iPhone and text her, “Lilia, it’s time for dinner.” Immediately I receive a repsonse, “Kk Dad. I’ll be down in a second.” (For you parents Kk = Okay, cool.) Come to find out she was finishing up the last math problem for her homework.

Now, not all kids, including mine, are studiously completing their schoolwork all the time. In fact, kids nowadays FaceTime, text, and chat through third party apps with their friends during homework time. To get to the point, I understand as a parent that it can be stressful and time consuming to try and protect your child from the nefarious characters lurking on the Internet.

To be brief, the company that I have been using for years to protect my Mac (Intego) came out with an all encompassing solution to this problem (at least for all Apple iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) It’s aptly named Family Protector. I think you’re going to like that you can control everything (3rd party apps, time on the device, lock screen, contacts they can & can’t call, websites, and much more) in one central place from any computer (just login from Intego’s website). If you’re looking to do the same thing on your child’s Mac then grab Content Barrier.

With these tools in your utility belt, you’ll be better equipped to protect you child on the Internet and help them in the ever so needed skills of time management. Enjoy!

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