Hi Randall, I found your article really helpful.
Andy Barr

That is great to hear. It might help to do a bit of reading up or get some coaching on Information Architecture or Business Driven Design (BDD). Better yet, see if someone on the team is good at this sort of thing. BDD processes aren’t expressly necessary to achieve this sort of work flow, but knowledge of one or the other will help when doing the breakdown.

I’m sadly unable to provide resources for doing the breakdown. I have recently done some small breakdowns like this, but it’s nothing I can share. I really need to deep dive on the topic and output a followup post. I’m in the middle of disruption at the moment (starting with a new company), so that will only be forth coming after I get smoothed back out.

If you happen to remember later on, please do let me know how things are going. Best of luck!