What I don’t get is, why do you have to have ovaries, why all the fighting, marching, protesting…

There were many thousands of men who participated in the Women’s Marches around the country and around the world. Yes, it was called the Women’s March, but it’s about freedom for all to have what they need. The biggest problem is that women are repeatedly attacked by certain politicians and political ideals. Much more so than men.

So the Women’s March does concentrate on women’s issues, but they deal with issues that affect all. Planned Parenthood serves men as well as women. The wage gap hurts men as well as women when it prevents a woman from taking a position that fits her better than it does the man that takes the job instead. Lack of maternity (and paternity) leave puts more pressure on a man to have to be able to support his SO in order for them to have a baby. Lack of access to effective birth control means more abortions happen. Lack of access to abortions means more babies are born with no support system.

This affects us all. Women’s issues are all of our issues.

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